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4 Things To Know About Email Etiquette

Email etiquette is something that everyone should know and follow. Whether you work in a 9 to 5 in an office or if you work as an influencer or for your own sake, you will have to answer email. Most of us have an email box that is filled with unopened and responded to emails. …

e-mail Etiquette

e-mail Etiquette at Work

e-mail Etiquette at Work Contents     – Communicating by e-mail: what for?     – Communicating by e-mail: what are the simple rules to communicate well?     – Communicating by e-mail: some advice     – Communicate by mail: what not to do Knowing how to communicate by e-mail is a way to make yourself heard. Whether …

Email Etiquette

9 Common Mistakes to Avoid in Your E-mails

9 Common Mistakes to Avoid in Your E-mails E-mail is a means of communication used by everyone. At work, at home, by professionals, brands, family, friends, a French Internet user receives about 40 e-mails per day! 40 opportunities to make small mistakes, yet easy to avoid. Good to know: by organizing your mailbox well, you …