Office Flooring: Why Always Choose Carpeting?

Long favored by architects, carpeting is an ideal floor covering for an office. Its warmth and acoustic performance make it a material easily adaptable to a work environment. Why go for carpeting in an office? This is what we will see in this article.

The Unbeatable Benefits of Carpeting

The use of carpeting was controversial in the 1970s and 1980s. Indeed, the hygienists reproach this textile as a nest of microbes and not washable. The carpet then dethroned its place. But soon after, people began to realize the potential of carpeting, which is why it has returned to the forefront.

Carpet: An Excellent Thermal Insulator

Carpet keeps the room warm. Compared to hard floor coverings such as parquet, it can retain up to 12% more heat. It, therefore, guarantees workers’ comfort and well-being while limiting heating use on professional premises, a plus if you want to reduce your energy bill at the end of the month. In short, unlike tiles, which are hard covering on which it is better to avoid walking barefoot, carpet is a warm, soft, and economical material.

Carpet: A High-Performance Sound Insulator

The concept of “open space” is currently trendy. It is not always easy to work in this condition with the noise of footsteps and objects that can cause discomfort. By opting for carpeting, say goodbye to noise pollution! Being a good sound insulator, this material contributes to the damping of various noises in offices. Note that the thicker the carpet, the better the sound insulation.

Carpeting: Aesthetics at Your Fingertips

Do you dream of a cozy, well-decorated workspace? Carpet will add a touch of punch to your office space. Available in various textures and colors, it allows the creation of a decoration adapted to the desired office style. Checked, patterned, or striped, the carpet guarantees a beautiful and elegant place. It will also be an excellent opportunity to play with colors by recreating the company’s codes. This option is quickly and wonderfully done with the help of a specialist in decoration and flooring.

Carpet: An Ecological Material

At a time when the protection of the environment must be put forward, the use of ecological materials is strongly recommended. On the market, you can find carpets made from recycled materials. By choosing this covering, the company will align with a more ecological approach.

The Choice of the Carpet

Before installing carpet in the office, it is necessary to determine the space. Indeed, the floor of a corridor or an open space does not have the same characteristics as that of a meeting room.

If we take the example of the reception area, this is the place that visitors see first. The floor can be used as an area to convey the image and values of the company. Thus, an aesthetic and very colorful carpet is perfectly suitable. For example, the colors of the company’s logo can be used. In addition, it is also preferable to bet on a thick carpet that can withstand frequent passage.

Other high traffic areas such as entrances and hallways should also be covered with carpet that is durable and resistant to daily wear and tear. An example of this is the use of solution-dyed polyamide carpeting.

A carpet with high acoustic performance and a neutral color is required for meeting rooms that require quiet and a relaxing visual. In this case, carpet tiles are ideal. Both easy to install and maintain, carpet tiles are sure to brighten the workplace.

For an impeccable look, light-colored carpeting will enhance a workspace floor. Patterned floors are also recommended for their effectiveness in hiding stains.

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