Training To Become An Interior Design Specialist In France

Interior architect, interior decorator, and interior design specialist are all terms used to designate the same profession. Unlike a landscaper who takes care of the exterior design, interior designers take care of all the rooms inside a home. It is a widespread and sought-after profession with varied and flexible training. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of our best tips to become an interior design specialist.

Who is called an interior designer?


Better known as an interior decorator, this specialist is in charge of harmonizing materials, colors, and objects to give life to your interior. They intervene as well in the houses as in the professional premises or public buildings.

New or old buildings, no structure can resist the expert hands of these professionals, whether for plastering work or more complex arrangements. They usually start their work with a digital or paper sketch of the layout to be done. As soon as the client approves the sketch, he becomes the project manager and takes care of involving the other tradesmen essential to his work. We thus find:

    • The cabinetmaker
    • The staffer
    • The marble decorator
    • The painter
    • The carpenter, etc.

What are the necessary qualities to embrace this profession?

The interior design specialist must, above all, be a creative person with a great sense of listening. He must also have a passion for interior design and diverse tastes. Indeed, the tastes of the customers will not always be the same as his own. He must therefore be a good negotiator in order to propose better layouts and obtain their approval.

He must also master the software necessary to materialize his draft models. Finally, he must be sociable, open-minded, and have good interpersonal skills. Moreover, one should not confuse the interior design specialist with a simple decorator who will arrange two or three objects in the house.

The interior designer revisits the entire layout of the rooms and proposes a layout in adequacy with the available equipment. An ideal place for everything in harmony with everything else in a refined and original style is the mission of this specialist.

Some available training courses

Several public and private schools and training institutes offer training in interior design. Most of them are architecture and art schools and specialized centers. Most of them offer distance or face-to-face modules as well as continuing education courses to be followed according to the student’s availability.

These courses can last a few months or even 3 years. The minimum requirement for certification as an interior decorator is a high school diploma. However, it is possible to work without a diploma, but additional knowledge can only improve the quality of the work to be done.

Training for bac+2

You have the Bac Pro layout of architectural space and the BTS option layout of the architectural environment. There is also the BTS design and space design without forgetting the license option architecture or design and the BTS study and realization of layout (ERA).

Training for bac+3

You have diplomas corresponding to bac+3 from specialized schools (bachelor decoration or interior architecture) at this level. There is also the national diploma of art in design option (DNA) as well as the mention of spaces and events. Finally, there is also the professional license option layout.

These two levels (bac+2 and +3) offer you the title of assistant interior designer or collaborator. They also allow you to practice.

Training for bac+5


Here you can obtain a master’s degree in interior architecture with a product design option, as well as a higher national diploma in plastic expression with a design option (DNSEP) and a DSAA in design with a space option. Finally, the interior architect title is recognized by the CFAI (French Council of Interior Architects). With these diplomas, you can become an interior architect with a 4-year degree.

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