9 Super Tips for Working More Efficiently

9 Super Tips for Working More Efficiently

Are you unable to achieve your goals? You have a file to hand in, and you are not motivated enough? Your performance is being questioned by your superiors, with or without justification? It happens, even to the best.

Here are 10 tips to get you back on track: find your motivation, your energy and your efficiency at work!

1. Sleep well

Sleep affects a person’s concentration, performance and mood. While staying awake is essential to be effective, getting a good night’s sleep is the key to making the most of your abilities. 

If you are having trouble sleeping, question your bedtime habits. For a real change, you must succeed in modifying the little things that slow down your rest.

    – Don’t hesitate to review your bedtime and wake-up times, set an earlier alarm clock or turn down a night out.

    – You can also read a chapter of a book, drink a relaxing herbal tea, meditate, read a story to your children… Implement new reflexes and observe their effect on your sleep.

Take heart!

2. Manage your stress

Stress hinders intellectual and physical capacities. It induces fatigue, anxiety and dependence on certain addictions (tobacco, coffee…).

 It is advisable to get past your worries and concerns to focus on the present moment.

To combat stress, you can:

    – breathe well;

    – laugh often;

    – Get organized;

    – Be physically active.

3. Take regular breaks

After a few hours of work, the brain reaches saturation. It needs to unplug completely. To do this, it becomes necessary to leave your workstation for 10 minutes every 2 hours or 5 minutes every hour.

Generally, if we do not lack ideas to occupy our breaks, here are some ideas:

    – Breathe, stretch, take a walk.

    – Read a magazine, a chapter of a novel.

Good to know: your manager will realize that you are more efficient this way! Don’t be afraid to discuss it with your manager. 

4. Set a goal to achieve

Working without knowing why doesn’t help you be efficient; our professional life’s meaning is decisive in our motivation and our ability to get to work.

    – If this slackness is temporary, set clearly defined objectives and write them down in black and white.

    Suppose your company’s project does not resonate with you. In that case, you will have to think about the best way to galvanize yourself, at least for the time it takes to think of a more general objective: what project requires your investment? Do you want to buy a larger home? Take a long trip? Give a gift?

    – Maybe it’s time for you to build something with your own hands? Often, the lack of motivation is also a passivity that has gradually settled in. Become active again in your daily life!

5. Vary the pleasures

When routine sets in, boredom awaits you. If your job allows you to have several varied tasks to perform in the order of your choice, make an intelligent schedule!

    – Put the intense activities in the morning.

    – Opt for a more uncomplicated activity in the early afternoon, when your attention slackens a bit during digestion.

    – Reward yourself for your hard work with your favourite task in the late afternoon.

6. Do a review of your progress.

9 Super Tips for Working More Efficiently


Don’t be afraid to question yourself. On a blank sheet of paper, write down for each of your assignments:

    – the problems you have encountered ;

    – the mistakes you made;

    – the good things you did.

Then think about how you can improve your process further.

This type of self-assessment is often very appreciated by employers, as it shows how much you want to improve your performance and how pragmatically you can criticize yourself.

7. Be well-equipped

If you are experiencing performance problems, it may not be all your fault. If your computer is at the end of its life, or if you are missing tools, software, or an optimized connection, your work is affected.

Take a closer look and then :

    – Update your professional equipment.

    – Take training courses to improve your knowledge.

    – Learn about new tools or techniques available in your sector.

8. Teaming up

9 Super Tips for Working More Efficiently

There’s nothing like teamwork to keep you motivated. While each person’s work depends on the other, each member also works harder to ensure the project’s success.

Some reminders for effective teamwork:

    – Adopt clear rules of life (respect your collaborators and agree on each other’s limits).

    – Ensure that meetings are well structured.

    – Choose non-violent communication.

    – Know the skills of each person.

    – Participate in the cohesion of the group.

9. Change your work posture.

Working posture plays a significant role in your performance. It can also lead to spinal and leg pain.

To adjust your posture, make sure that:

    – Your chair adjusts to your height.

    – Your monitor is large enough and at your eye level.

    – Your mouse and keyboard remain in the proper position and do not cause pain in your wrists.

Lack of performance can also be a sign of underlying depression. Our sister blog hellosites dedicated to health talks will bring you other solutions to Understanding Mental Health – What is Depression?

Hope this post will help you work more efficiently. Remember to share your experience below.

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