What Is Professional Coaching?

What Is Professional Coaching?

Sometimes it is helpful to be accompanied in your development process. A personal or professional coach can help you step back and find greater harmony in your daily life. For what need and at what price? This article gives you the answers. 


 – What is professional coaching?

 – Who is business coaching for?

 – How to choose a professional coach?

 – Confidentiality and professional coaching

 – Price of a professional coaching

Coaching is a form of support to achieve one or more objectives. Depending on the nature of these objectives, a distinction is made between professional coaching, sports coaching and personal coaching.

What is professional coaching?

Professional Coaching
Professional Coaching

Professional coaching, also known as business coaching, is the professional accompaniment of a person or a team.

Professional coaching is usually prescribed and paid for by the company itself.

It is, therefore, a tripartite relationship between the company, the coachee and the coach. It usually takes place within the company but can also take place in the coach’s office or some other places more relevant to the type of situation.

Professional coaching aims, for example, at:

 – improving performance;

 – the development of potential or know-how:

 – support during a professional change: change of position, promotion, restructuring, etc. ;

 – solving communication problems within the company;

 – to achieve a professional objective;

 – etc.

It allows the development of the coachee while serving the interests of the company. To do this, he works with tools such as NLPtransactional analysis, etc.

Attention: professional coaching is not psychotherapy! The coach helps to resolve professional difficulties but will not try to discover the cause of these problems in the personal history of the coachee.

Who can benefit from business coaching?

Everyone can benefit from business coaching. It is therefore aimed at:

 – company directors;

 – managers; and

 – employees: individually or in teams.

It is appropriate for private and public companies as well as for the self-employed.

How to choose a professional coach?

Not everyone can become a professional coach! To be sure of your coach’s skills, take into account

 – His or her level of education:

 ◦ Your coach should have at least the same level of education as the coachee.

 ◦ University diplomas are set up to guarantee real training in coaching.

 – the professional coach must be familiar with corporate life: many professional coaches held management positions before becoming a coach;

 – he/she must make a living from professional coaching: the primary source of income;

 – they must respect a code of ethics, including professional secrecy.

Confidentiality and professional coaching

Professional coaching must remain discreet so as not to harm the image of the coachee within the company and so that the coaching sessions take place serenely.

The person undergoing business coaching should therefore not make any publicity about it. As a general rule, only his or her hierarchy and the human resources department that pays the coach will be aware of this.

For more discretion, the coaching sessions can take place outside the company.

In any case, the coach must respect absolute confidentiality regarding what he hears from the company during the professional coaching sessions.

Price of a professional coaching

Professional or business coaching is generally paid for by the company.

Prices for sessions range from approximately $200 to $700/hour.


In our following publications, we will be coming up with even more articles on professional development and how to make your working environment even more enthusiastic. Don’t hesitate to request a topic of your interest.

Hope this post has helped you figure out if you need professional coaching or one of your friends may need it, in which case, please remember to comment below.

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