Customer Satisfaction: After Sales Service

Customer satisfaction is the key to the success of any business. To satisfy them, you need to develop effective strategies while focusing on discounting and after-sales service. This way, they will be loyal to the brand and generate positive word-of-mouth with their family, friends, and relatives. How can this be achieved, and what is the benefit?

How To Satisfy Customers?

If you want to satisfy your customers, you have to differentiate yourself from your competitors. To achieve this, find several differentiation levers by focusing on :

The Discount

The discount consists in lowering the cost of a product. Two options are possible: either the price is reduced immediately, or the price is reduced later. If it is a launch, we discuss an exceptional price, a special launch price, a sale/summer/Christmas price, etc. On the other hand, if it is a relaunch that you want to do, then we talk about a new price.

This reduction can usually be made with a percentage reduction. If this price reduction is less than 15%, it is better to display the amount. This helps motivate customers.

The After-sales Service

This defines all the company’s services to customers after the sale. It is sometimes about :

– A follow-up after the purchase of a service or a product;

– A maintenance ;

– Troubleshooting;

– Exchange or return, etc.

But this service can also be:

– An installation of equipment or a good;

– A home delivery;

– Online or physical assistance;

– Advice or training, etc.


Why Are Discounting and After-sales Services Necessary for the Company?

Pricing policy and after-sales service play a vital role in marketing and sales.

Discount To Attract New Customers

To increase the sales and turnover of a company, an effective sales and marketing strategy must be implemented. Along with distribution, communication, and product, price is one of the most effective policies in this strategy. The marketing mix is the ideal solution to have a global vision.

As the marketing strategy aims at attracting and retaining customers, it is necessary to take stock of the pricing policy. The best solution is to reduce the price of the company’s products.

After sales service - TeraHertz Technologies by Terakalis

The After-sales Service To Retain Customers

A consumer is satisfied if the services and products you sell are of good quality and at a better price. But the customer will be even more comfortable and loyal to the brand if he has problems with the product he just bought and you have solved the problem.

After-sales service is an essential criterion in the eyes of customers. Indeed, consumers choose a brand after comparing the quality of its services, including after-sales service. They then select the company that helps them reduce their expenses and the one that offers the best deals.

In short, discounting and after-sales service are the two key factors to selling more and building customer loyalty.

In addition, after-sales service is the last point of contact with customers. It is, therefore a real added value for your business, at least if consumers are satisfied. If not, dissatisfaction can often damage your company and your brand. This can then harm your sales.

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