Guide To Opening a Private Clinic

Private hospitals are currently on a roll. One of the reasons for this is the increasing aging population, rising demand for medical care. However, setting up a private clinic is not at all easy. It requires a lot of time, knowledge, and especially preparation. Before you start this project, it is necessary to know all the essential points. Find them right away in this article!

Identify the targets

You should first consider identifying your target customers (mixed audience, people with low economic power, VIPs). According to the target audience, you will define your location and the rates you will apply. You must also define your work environment. Are you going to treat all diseases? Then your field is generalized. Or are you planning to create a clinic that specializes in one condition? The answer often depends on your medical skills and those of your colleagues.

What is A Private Clinic?

A private clinic is a special business. It is subject to the same commercial and fiscal rules as any other company (creation of a business plan, registration in the Trade Register, tax declaration…). It is also necessary to choose a legal status. The creation of a private clinic also implies several administrative steps to follow.


Initially, your financial resources will constitute the capital of your business. Later on, you will have to call upon shareholders or investors to increase your contributions. These can be your colleagues or sometimes non-health professionals. You can also use financial institutions or banks. Be careful! Any partnership must be legalized in a contract signed before a notary.

Choosing a Suitable Location

It is best to build or convert existing premises. A building for residential use is strictly forbidden. Before starting the construction or development work, it is necessary to call on the services of an architect. They are familiar with the standards for constructing a health care facility. Ensure that your clinic is easily accessible geographically, and do not forget to install a path for people with reduced mobility.

 Opt For Quality Equipment

Often, there is a temptation to buy used or cheap equipment. However, this is a medical project and a very delicate area. Choosing new equipment with a supplier or manufacturer’s warranty is recommended. Moreover, suppose your budget is more or less limited at the beginning of your activity. In that case, you can only purchase the most commonly used equipment (X-ray machine, scanner, ultrasound, analysis laboratory, etc). As time goes by, you will be able to complete your equipment or even provide your clinic with an ambulance service.

Ensure Good Personnel Management

Personnel is one of the critical elements in developing your medical activity. Therefore, choose your future colleagues carefully, taking into account their skills. The organization of human resources must be well structured, namely

– a nurse in charge of a care team will lead care assistants taking care of 5 patients each;

– 2 to 4 general practitioners will provide consultations (24/7);

– specialists will be recruited as needed.

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