Studies and Work: Why Choose Management?

Once the high school period is over, many students find themselves lost in the world of work. Indeed, it is difficult to know what path to follow because of the pressure of our entourage without forgetting the diversity of the choice of employment that there is currently. Nevertheless, if you want to create your own company, become your own boss, start your own business or run a private company, then you are reading the right article!

Without further ado, the following outline will help you orient yourself in business management.

Management or business management

Management is the study of managing a company’s resources (human and material) to achieve some goal set by the company.

The management field is very diversified; it is classified into several categories: Marketing, Finance, Logistics, Human Resources or Accounting and Audit. These categories can be subdivided into many subcategories, such as Finance which, for example, has five subcategories: Financial Analysis, General Accounting, Research Financing, Risk Management and Real Estate.

This study applies to all organizations, whether small, well-known or internationally recognized.

The Importance of Management in a Company

As mentioned earlier, management is a technique used in companies whose primary purpose is to achieve their objectives. However, it is not limited to this, as it teaches the student the ability to understand workers’ behaviour, know the power of each member of the hierarchy, know how to influence significant decisions, and integrate the concept of leadership.

Let’s take the case of Human Resources. It is a newly integrated field of work that consists of studying the behaviours and reactions of employees to get the best out of each of them. Therefore, the Human Resources experts will aim to promote the relationship between the working staff and the General Management, ensuring the coherence between the management of the company and the skills on the spot.

The Functioning of Organizations

At one time or another, we have asked ourselves, “Why do companies exist? The answer is simple: one man cannot do everything alone. For example, let’s take the case of an entrepreneur in the management of his house and his needs. He will have to cultivate to eat, draw from the river to drink, sew to clothe himself, take care of his stable to have a means of transportation, etc. Even if he is the most skilled all-rounder, he will never manage everything at once. The real problem comes down to time, which is why nowadays workers are classified according to their skills for the tasks assigned to them, hence the favourable results. A cook to work in the kitchen, a herder to work with livestock, a seamstress to make clothes, a treasurer to manage finance and capital security etc.

Jobs and Opportunities in Management

Chartered Accountant: an expert in calculations and accounts with a basic salary of 2,400 €/month, he spends most of his time checking thousands of data as the banker of his company.

Management Controller: expert in financial and economic analysis with a base salary of 2,667 €/month; he collects several information, manages audits and establishes budgetary balance sheets to contribute to the financial strategies of his company.

Entrepreneur: aka the project manager of his activity, he promotes the creation of new businesses or the innovation of old companies by deploying ingenious ideas for the latter’s development. An auto-entrepreneur is usually paid between 400 and 1,015 €/month.

Executive Assistant: the right hand of the Director or Head of the Department where she is assigned, earns about €3,292/month to support and facilitate the work of the Director.

General Manager: is appointed by the Board of Directors of a company to execute, supervise and manage all company activities. They receive a minimum salary of 10,943 €/month.

Thus, the company’s management offers all those who want a stable job in an organization the possibility of having one, or even several, depending on his experience and background.

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