How To Become A Pool Builder In France: What Are The Steps To Take?

The profession of pool builder allows a good remuneration for a professional working in this field because the swimming pool world attracts more and more followers. However, keep in mind that becoming a pool designer requires certain steps.

The pool builder is responsible for creating, maintaining, and renovating all types of pools. Indeed, the construction of swimming pools is the ideal profession for those passionate about interior and exterior design. Follow our article to learn more about this profession if you see yourself in this profile.

What training do you need to become a pool designer?


Nothing stops you from becoming a self-employed pool designer as soon as you finish 9th grade or just after high school. However, even if the status of pool designer is free, you must take specific steps:

1. How to become a pool designer without a diploma?

After three years of professional experience in the European Union, it is possible to ask the “Chambre des Métiers et de l’artisanat” for your certificate of recognition of professional qualification. This document will allow you to work as a swimming pool operator, even without a diploma. However, you should know that you will certainly not have all the qualities required to become a pool designer without a diploma.

2. What training and qualifications are required to become a qualified pool designer?

It is possible to work as a pool designer after having studied in the building industry, with qualifying training or a distance learning course:

CAP “Sanitary Installer”


The “Certificate of Professional Aptitude sanitary installer” will give you access to the BP swimming pool trade. It is a state diploma obtained after a 2-year training course in alternating or continuous education. As the graduate is trained in all plumbing activities, he can intervene in all sanitary matters, including intervention on water meters, installation of swimming pools or bathrooms, etc.

CAP “Water Quality Agent”

The “Certificat d’Aptitude Professionnelle agent de la qualité de l’eau” is a national diploma, obtained after 2 years of apprenticeship training. The holder of this diploma is a qualified worker with all the necessary skills to intervene in the water treatment and distribution services. It is also a diploma that gives the BP “Métiers de la Piscine” access.

BP “Swimming Pool Trades”

Like the CAP, the ” Brevet Professionnel Métiers de la Piscine ” is also a state diploma. And it is the only training course leading to a qualification in the pool industry. In total, it lasts about 1000 hours and is spread over 24 months. Moreover, it is possible to follow this training as an apprenticeship in a company in order to reconcile your theoretical knowledge with your practical knowledge.

Despite this, the BP is only accessible to holders of a CAP or a level III or IV diploma. In addition, candidates must already be recruited by a company, be between 16 and 25 years old, and have passed a selection test.

What legal status must your company have to become a pool builder?


The Centre de Formalités des Entreprises (CFE), for the pool builder profession, is the Chambre des Métiers et de l’Artisanat, because this type of activity is purely artisanal. As with any commercial or non-commercial company creation, you must decide on the legal status to adopt for your future company.

Indeed, it will be possible for you to work as an auto-entrepreneur. It is a rather flexible legal status and quick to set up. Moreover, with this status, you will be able to benefit from reduced taxation. Finally, the company status (EURL, EIRL) and the companies (SAS or SASU) do not benefit from these reduced taxes. However, this legal status will allow you to protect your assets.

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