On the Road To Starting a Transportation Business in France

Exciting and fun at the same time, carrying out a project is not always easy. Several steps are required to achieve it.

Presentation of the Transport Company

As its name indicates, a transport company has for vocation to provide services in the field of transport. Several activities are possible, namely the transfer of goods, passengers, medical transportation… In the same way as transport, a service of car rental can also be proposed. In any case, the transport services can be provided individually or in company.

The Steps To Follow for the Creation of a Transport Company

Obtaining the Transport Capacity

The transport capacity is the set of competencies required to create a transport company. Once you have obtained this document, you will have a transport license, with which you will be able to carry out your activities such as school transport, medical transport, or the collection of hotel guests.

Therefore, the transport capacity is intended for all transport professionals, and especially for the managers of a transport company.

To obtain it, three options exist. The first is to pass an exam. Your knowledge of financial management, social status, security, social capital and passenger obligations will be tested. The goal is to ensure that you can use the certificate and start the transport business safely.

The second option is for those already in the business, with more than 5 years of experience running a transportation company. This should be a formal company and registered in the commercial register. They only need to validate their professional experiences to have transport capacity.

The third option is for people who have already obtained a BTS transport diploma. They will have to ask for the equivalence of their certificate to finally have the capacity of transport.

The Drafting of the Company’s Statutes

The transport company director must draw up a legal document by which the partners formally show their willingness to undertake. This statute defines the laws governing the activities of the company and the partners in question. Different legal forms will be granted according to the number of partners, and the responsibility of the managers. They are of SAS, SARL nature.

This step deserves a lot of attention to avoid making a mistake in the choice at the risk of damaging the company.

The Registration of the Company

The most crucial step in the process of creating a company is to obtain a registration to start the activities legally. In other words, the company is officially established after receiving it.

If the company is involved in transporting goods, the application for registration is made to the Business Formalities Center of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. As for the transport of passengers, this is done at the business formality center of the chamber of trades and crafts. You will receive a document called K-BIS, which approves the registration of your company.

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Filing the Application With the Dreal

Once you have the K-BIS, you will send your file to the DREAL (Direction Régionale de l’Environnement, de l’Aménagement et du Logement) to finalize the business creation process. It is an entity that deals with the control of the application of the road safety rules by the professionals of the road.

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