Occupational Therapist: A Profession but Also a Vocation

Occupational therapy is a profession related to the medical sector, and the person who practices it can work with the entire population (infants, adults, elderly, etc.). It is a medicalized practice that is more specifically aimed at people with psychomotor-related disabilities. This therapy can be used during medical treatment or as part of rehabilitation.

However, the occupational therapist can only intervene with a medical prescription. Therefore, he can work in a specialized center (clinic, hospital, etc.) or at home. Since it is a profession linked to the person and their well-being, occupational therapy requires dedication and human qualities. It is not just a simple livelihood for those who choose to practice it, but rather a true vocation. Find out more about this profession in this article.

Why Consult an Occupational Therapist?

Occupational therapy is a profession that is closely related to people with disabilities resulting from illness, accident, or birth. This includes those who have Alzheimer’s disease, temporary or permanent disability, etc. The occupational therapist’s role is to help these people by offering rehabilitation sessions. During the first consultation session, the specialist will make a diagnosis to evaluate the patient’s difficulties.

The patient must also provide a medical file detailing their illness and treatment. The techniques proposed will vary depending on the patient’s disability situation and the nature of the disease. In any case, the sessions are always based on physical exercises. In the case of children who are handicapped from birth, playful care is offered to promote their psychomotor development. He also contributes to maintaining the patients’ autonomy by helping them with their schooling and daily activities. They also adapt their work and living spaces by offering them adapted equipment so that they can move around and accomplish everyday tasks.

Where Does the Occupational Therapist Work?

Occupational therapists generally collaborate with doctors in hospitals, clinics, or rehabilitation centers. However, they can also work at home to care for patients with special needs. Occupational therapists can also be self-employed. However, since this is a particular profession, it is essential to formalize your activity to be more credible. To be able to practice this profession, you must also follow training. It would help if you also opted for an effective communication strategy such as creating a website or registering on social networks to make yourself known. To be better accompanied and gain visibility more quickly, you can also work with a specialized agency that offers practical strategies adapted to all sectors of activity.


What Training Do I Need To Become an Occupational Therapist?

The primary mission of an occupational therapist is to help a patient through rehabilitation sessions so that they can be autonomous and independent in their daily activities (cleaning, feeding, getting up and sitting down, etc.). If the patient has physical difficulties, the specialist will ensure that the environment is adapted by installing appropriate equipment.

Occupational therapists can also work with people of all ages. Therefore, they must have a great capacity for adaptation. They must also have a great deal of understanding and listening skills to understand all situations and needs better. Given the particularity of the disease from which his patients suffer, an occupational therapist must also have excellent interpersonal skills and knowhow to talk to gain their trust. In addition to these human qualities, a solid knowledge of the health care professional is also required to practice this profession. To do so, you must obtain a 3-year diploma, which lasts 3 years. The training mainly focuses on anatomy, psychology, traumatology, neurology, and naturopathy. The apprentice must also do an internship in a medical environment to become familiar with the profession.

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