Debunking Popular Myths about Human Resource

Running a business is an easy feat; it takes a village to run it, and I am not being literal here; if you own a medium enterprise, you ought to have a dedicated team behind you for the smooth running of your business. Human resources play a vital role in this, most of us know them as the people who call us for interviews, but they play a much more complex role in the day-to-day running of a business. Most of us think that HRs only work at the end of the month to send salaries, but there is so much more than that, and this mindset diminishes their work. So, without further ado, let’s debunk some of the most popular myths about human resources.

#Myth 1- They are only there to protect the company

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While it is true that they are paid by the company and work for the, it is not true that they only work to protect the company. They work to document and provide policies that protect the employers, but this covertly protects the employee too. Working in Human Resources is a two-way street, and they work to protect both the employers and the employees. When an employee raises issues of discrimination, bullying, sexual harassment, or even unfair treatment, then it is the HR managers that take care of these. They are the ones who usually have the employees’ best interests at heart. Human resource managers are like mediators and serve the interest of both employers and employees who have the same common goal. The employers want their employees to work to their best and ethically while they want to be paid for their jobs and treated fairly. So, the idea that HRs work only to protect the company is a complete fallacy. 

#Myth 2- All HR departments are the same

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The human resource from one company to the next may change large and may not be the same. Not all HR managers work in the same way; some may be laxer than others when it comes to the job. Poor human resources will do the bare minimum, and you’ll only see them work at the end of the month, only to do the payroll. Human resources may differ from one department to the other, and some of them might give you a freer rein than others, and this depends on your job and where you are working. The work and strategy of the HR department must align with the company vision. You should also know that Human resources are humans too, and they aren’t there for bureaucratic functions. While they are there to implement policy, they are also there to uplift the mood of employees and do their best to uplift employees’ morale. They implement flexible working hours and are the ones who are in charge of employees’ roosters and are also the ones who dish out payrolls.

#Myth 3- They just listen to employee complaints and do nothing about it

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This, like the other myths in this list, is completely unfounded and perpetuated by poor human resource management. This is why most people have a terrible experience with their company’s HR managers. Some HR managers, especially those who don’t know how to do their job, only listen to their employees, only act like lip service, and do nothing about their employees’ concerns. As a human resource manager, you should investigate even small issues because they might be the tip of the iceberg. It is also important to note complaints as documents about these situations might be needed later down the line. They should work actively to remedy the situation before they become real issues and suck employees’ motivation to work. As a human resource manager, you should always be ahead of the curve and should do your best to investigate allegations and take the appropriate measures to resolve these issues.

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