Everything You Need To Know About The Carpenter In Switzerland

The carpenter is a craftsman who specializes in woodworking. He also uses other materials such as PVC and aluminum. This worker manufactures, repairs, and installs finishing elements such as furniture and windows. Would you like to specialize in carpentry? Find out all the information you need to know about this profession in this carpenter’s job description.

The carpenter’s trade is an art that requires great skills in order to achieve quality work. Nowadays, this job is evolving and starting to adapt to new carpentry structures. This article informs you in more detail of all there is to know about this trade.

Pathways to becoming an experienced carpenter


Most carpenters did not take any professional training before they started in this trade. They started out by doing simple work. Over time, they have evolved into professionals.

On the other hand, an experienced carpenter has to follow some professional training and courses. Here is the list of professional courses that lead to this profession:

    • The professional baccalaureate
    • The CAP (vocational training certificate) in carpentry and joinery or building carpentry
    • The BEP or vocational diploma in layout and building joinery
    • The BM or master’s degree in carpentry or joinery for buildings and fittings
    • The BTS or higher technician’s certificate in housing and wood construction systems

Schools or apprenticeship centers for carpenters


Many schools and vocational training centers in the world teach this trade. In France, for example, there are:

    • The professional apprentice center or CFA
    • The professional high school
    • The REMPART union
    • The AFPA or national agency for the professional training of adults

In Switzerland, the professional training of a carpenter is only acquired through a 4-year professional training.

The equipment and tools of an experienced carpenter

In order to guarantee quality work, an experienced carpenter must use the following equipment.

    • The workbench or workshop table to work in the best conditions
    • The study tools: blueprint, plan on a ruler, measuring tools; trusquin, tracing tools, level, chalk lines
    • Wrought iron tools: ruler, riffle, adze, varlope
    • Assembly tools: sledgehammers, mallets, hammers, frame presses, veneer presses, breading presses, support tools, glue, and wood paste
    • Assembly tools: hobby chisels, chisels, tenon saws, scroll saws, etc.
    • Finishing equipment: scraper, planer, riffler, sandpaper, files, steel wool, sanding blocks, tarabiscot

The works and achievements of an experienced carpenter

After having followed these trainings, the apprentice obtains the title of a confirmed carpenter. For this, he can realize several works as:

    • Woodwork: these are works that are used to cover and decorate the interior walls of a building
    • The various seats
    • Solid, laminated, or laminated wood floors
    • Gates, verandas, and various gates
    • Various furniture and storage units
    • Custom-made installations (solar protection, pergola, etc.)

On the other hand, a highly qualified carpenter can have a company specializing in constructing solar protections, pergolas, etc.

The difference between the terms: carpentry and joinery


By abuse of language, most of us sometimes confuse carpentry and joinery, which are very different terms. In general, carpentry is an art. It is also a profession that designates all of the techniques and equipment used to manufacture wooden works. As far as joinery is concerned, it is the whole of the decorative aspects manufactured in solid wood, such as:

    • The various pieces of furniture of arrangement
    • The furniture of the office or living room
    • Wall decorations

In fact, the term carpentry is to be used only in any woodwork, such as carpentry, woodwork, etc., unlike metalwork. Woodwork is wood equipment designed for interior decoration.

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