How to Organize an Online Team Building During a Pandemic?

A team-building is a company activity organized to create or strengthen the links between the collaborators and thus bring a good atmosphere to work. It is also a way to improve the communication within the team and find new ideas for the excellent accomplishment of the work. However, this activity is put aside by companies, especially during this pandemic when some workers accomplish their tasks from home. However, there are different ways to carry out online team building.

Organizing an online team building requires less money than carrying out team activities or preparing a recreational outing. There are no transportation expenses, no meals to order, and no large venues to reserve. All the organization is done online. All you need is a good internet connection and video conferencing software. Almost all video conferencing platforms are compatible with an online team-building organization.

For the animation, you can download applications, follow virtual activities proposed by different sites or organize fun games. There is nothing to stop you from doing a little survey to find out what type of activity your employees like most and to include it in the schedule.

Time constraints are also excluded. All you have to do is agree.

Plan Physical Activities

Physical activities are a winning solution on several levels:

It’s an opportunity to work out to stay in shape during confinement.
You break the routine and the feeling of loneliness while staying at home.
You allow your team to relax and have a good time together.
The budget is lower than for an outing.
Since this is an activity that can be done in a small space, choose simple but fun exercises. The goal is to allow everyone to relax for a day and share time together. You can choose from dance, Zumba, fitness, yoga and other disciplines.

Opt for online games

Online games attract more and more people, especially during times of confinement. It’s a great way to get away from life’s daily stresses and strains and relax. It is also a great alternative for those who are not very good at sports. Various platforms now offer group activities because of this interest in online games. Bubble boards, quizzes, challenges, contests, digital mosaic, and blind tests are examples of activities to do during a virtual team building. You can also organize your own personalized games that everyone will enjoy.

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For Which Event?

A specific event does not condition team building. It is above all about promoting cohesion within the company or a company’s department. However, nothing prevents you from taking advantage of this opportunity to hold a seminar, welcome new members or reward the most deserving employees.

The ideal for successful team building is to diversify the program: do some physical activities to relax, organize team games to improve cohesion, and devote some time to various events.

The period of the coronavirus has turned the working world upside down. We had to adapt to a different way of working. Even team buildings are now organized online. You can choose between various activities. Applications and animation platforms exist to help you manage these activities.

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