What Training Should You Take to Drive a Truck Crane?

The job of a crane driver is one of the most requested and technical jobs on a construction site. It’s a job that requires not only a qualification but also experience. But what training should you take to drive a truck crane? What are the required qualities?

What Is the Job of a Crane Driver?

A truck crane driver is a site technician specializing in driving and handling lifting equipment at height. The crane operator is very much in demand on a construction site, especially when moving heavy materials.

His main mission is to move various materials such as cinder blocks, scaffolding, site machinery, reinforced concrete elements, and prefabricated walls.

The crane operator must know how to assemble and disassemble his machine. He must know how to maintain and take care of his machine through daily checks (greasing, checking the brakes, maintaining the cables, etc.).

He detects breakdowns and repairs them if they are not too difficult to repair. The truck crane driver is called upon to work in difficult conditions. He is often exposed to bad weather and works day and night.

He has to move from site to site and can work on weekends or holidays. Apart from building sites, he also works on road building sites, public works, civil engineering, or industrial sites.

He can also work in transport and handling companies. However, in this profession, the safety instructions to be respected are strict. Appropriate work clothes are required (safety shoes, a hard hat, gloves, etc.).

The profession of crane operator or truck crane driver is not recommended for people who suffer from chronic vertigo.

Becoming a Truck Crane Operator: The Necessary Qualities
To work as a crane driver, apart from competence, you need to have certain essential qualities, namely


The crane operator must be very precise in his movements and know how to follow the instructions of other workers and the site manager. He must also have a perfect sense of coordination and orientation.

Skill and Vigilance

The crane operator is called upon to work with many other workers on a site. He must be very vigilant and skillful in his maneuvers in order not to create accidents.

Sense of responsibility

Driving a machine like this requires a strong mind and a great sense of responsibility.

Becoming a truck crane driver: Training and skills required
Many training courses allow you to acquire the skills needed to become a crane driver.

Thus, you can work as a truck crane driver with the following diplomas. These are:

  • CAP (vocational training certificate) for drivers of public works and quarrying equipment,
  • BP driver of public works equipment and quarries,
  • Bac pro equipment maintenance, public works, and handling option.
  • The certificate of aptitude for safe driving (CACES) is compulsory for this job, and the operator must have a driving license for heavy trucks and be comfortable driving different types of equipment, particularly cranes.

The truck crane operator can advance to become a team leader of a transport and handling team or work in many other sectors. It is a job that requires a lot of experience. Crane operators with several years of experience are more likely to be hired.

After several years of experience, he can also work on his own account and work as a freelancer. The job of truck crane driver is fairly well-paid, because it is a difficult job requiring a lot of technical skills.

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