All About Unemployment Benefit in France

Unemployment is a problem that affects the whole world. It results from an imbalance between the rate of supply and demand for employment. Moreover, the Covid 19 health crisis has only made matters worse. Indeed, many companies were forced to adopt short-time work or went bankrupt. The tourism and transport sectors were the most affected.

Fortunately, there is a support measure, the unemployment benefit, which helps people who have lost their jobs. But how does it work? What are the conditions for receiving this benefit? And above all, how much can you get? Discover the answers to all these questions in this article.

Who Is Entitled to Unemployment Benefit?

The people who can benefit from an unemployment benefit are obviously the unemployed. According to the ILO definition, these are people who are unemployed but still of working age. The cause of the breach of contract must be involuntary and not an initiative of the worker, except in the case of a work stoppage due to a move. In France, there are 4 categories of unemployed people:

category A: unemployed persons without a job and job seekers ;

category B: those who have a reduced activity and are job seekers;

category C: those who work less than 78 hours per month;

category D: for people whose employment contract is terminated due to illness or training.

What Are the Conditions for Receiving Unemployment Benefit?

Unemployed persons can receive unemployment benefits if they meet the following conditions:

-be registered as a job seeker with Pôle emploi;

-have been granted worker status and have worked at least 610 hours or -88 days or 4 months during the last two years;

-have been involuntarily dismissed;

-be actively seeking work or in a training period;

-be physically able to work and live in France.

Generally speaking, a voluntary resignation does not give the right to unemployment benefits unless the reason is to follow one’s spouse to another region.

Registration as a job seeker can be done via the internet. However, once summoned, the person must provide a complete file, including:

  • a piece of identification;
  • his or her Social Security registration card
  • a certificate from the last employer;
  • a bank statement.

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How Is the Unemployment Benefit Calculated?

The unemployment benefit is calculated according to the daily reference salary received during the last twelve months. It, therefore, varies according to the amount of the wage and the activity of the person concerned. To calculate the amount of unemployment benefit to be received, Pôle emploi uses two formulas.

The first calculates the amount equivalent to 40.4% of the daily reference wage + 12.05 euros. The second formula calculates 57% of the daily reference wage. The higher result will be taken into account. However, if this is less than 29.38 euros, the amount of the authorized ceiling will be taken into account. In any case, the amount paid must not exceed 75% of the daily reference salary. The contribution to finance the complementary pension as well as the CRDS and CSG must be deducted from the unemployment benefit. Please note that you will receive your unemployment benefit once a month.

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