Everything You Need To Know to Become A Security Agents In 2022

Vigilance and composure are two skills that anyone who wants to succeed in a business must-have. This is especially true for security guards, for whom these two skills are highly solicited in the field. Discover in this article all about why security guards must be vigilant and cool.

Specific roles


Security professionals have a duty to be a source of peace and tranquility. In other words, its mission is to ensure the safety of people and property. This task covers both the general concepts of prevention of malicious acts to the prevention of accidental events. This includes the administration of first aid and fire fighting.

Guarantor of the good application of the safety  rules on the site, the professional ensures the surveillance in a strict way with vigilance and without coldness. He must respect the instructions and the security protocol.

The security guard is often confused with the receptionist. This is a big mistake! Indeed, the law clearly establishes that the exercise of the professions of private security must be exclusive. The non-respect of this law leads to legal sanctions foreseen for the illicit loan of the workforce or the offense of merchandising if the employee involved is harmed.

Security agent: required qualities


Each private security professional must demonstrate:

    • An unfailing ethics
    • An unfailing honesty
    • A sense of observation
    • And of a fast and infallible reactivity.

In addition to these qualities, they must pay attention to the details of their work environment. This regularly enables the police to apprehend ill-intentioned individuals. It can be about :

    • Suspicious behaviors,
    • Unusual changes
    • Sudden noises, etc.

All these details must be detected quickly in order to act effectively. Now largely professionalized and regularly controlled, the security companies are recognized today for their usefulness, as well as for the competence and the effectiveness of their personnel.

We meet them today in all the sectors of activity such as airports, big industrial groups, buildings of great height, amusement parks, banks, theaters, stores, and cultural or sporting events.

Security agent: missions


The company or the professional must set a good example in these behaviors. Its preventive and dissuasive role does not include the power to punish offenses. He protects and monitors the objects and persons entrusted to him. If he apprehends an individual or notices an irregularity, he must apply the instructions received.

The missions of a security agent:

    • Reception, information on the regulations, and control of the access to the protected place
    • Surveillance of his place of activity with a guard dog or in a team
    • Detection of possible anomalies and direct management of incidents
    • Communication of security measures in the event of an incident
    • Notifying the authorities in case of identified fraudulent situations or on the orders of their hierarchy.

Regardless of the content of their future missions, security agents actively participate in the co-production of security in close collaboration with the public authorities. Empathy and the ability to maintain self-control are also required for a professional, especially in situations of potential aggression.

Staff training to refresh security concepts must be provided to help guards understand defense mechanisms and defuse situations.



According to the proverb: “Little by little, the bird makes its nest”, talents succeed by using the power of patience and perseverance. Actors, entrepreneurs, chefs, and even simple artisans work on their passion. In fact, they started by using their assets and simple basic materials. And eventually, they ended up realizing their dreams.

For those who are looking for a job, don’t hesitate to put your interests in your resume. Your strengths will help convince recruiters to hire you. So, if you have a passion, don’t neglect it; it will serve you well throughout your career.

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