Esthetician: Career or Passion?

The profession of a beautician is certainly the most known and most prized profession in the world of beauty and well-being. An esthetician is in charge of enhancing the beauty of their clients, which is not always easy. Are you interested in this profession? Do you want to know a little more? Discover the answers in this article.

What is an esthetician?


Also called beautician-cosmetician, the beautician is a qualified professional specializing in body and face care techniques. Highly feminized, they offer a range of services to beautify people. They are also specialized in the field of make-up.

As their goal is the maintenance and beautification of the skin as well as the enhancement of the body aspect, they also play the role of advisor to the clients. They guide them in their choice of products by taking into account their needs and based on their skin type.

The esthetician may be required to sell cosmetic products, so they must be comfortable in the commercial field. An esthetician may also use several methods to beautify and rejuvenate their clients’ bodies, such as iontophoresis, aromatherapy, balneoesthetics, or body wraps.

What are the roles of an esthetician?


Most often, people tend to underestimate the work of an esthetician. However, it is important to know that the beautician’s job involves many responsibilities:

  • they must know how to identify and determine the condition of each client’s skin in order to be able to choose the appropriate products and beauty treatments to be performed to improve the skin
  • Perform hair removal on various areas of the body and face, knowing which wax or technique to apply depending on the area and the sensitivity of the client
  • Practice treatments that will bring well-being to clients, such as massages
  • Practicing skin cleansing according to various techniques (scrubbing, peeling,…)
  • Perform manicures and pedicures
  • Apply make-up to clients, taking into account various criteria, such as face shape, eye color, skin type, etc
  • Advise clients on products and treatments that will meet their needs.

In other words, an esthetician responds to the needs of people who want to combat various skin problems, fight against the effects of aging, and help those who want to refine their figure.

What criteria make a good beautician?

It should be noted that being an esthetician is a career in its own right and requires a few criteria to be met.

1. To have a good sense of relationship

As the beautician is in direct contact with the customers, it is necessary that they have a good sense of relationship. They must have a good capacity to listen and be very friendly. In order to build customer loyalty, they must listen carefully to determine the customer’s needs and provide the appropriate care. They must enjoy human contact and be psychological in order to provide comfort to clients.

2. Have an impeccable appearance


A beautician must have an excellent presentation and perfect hygiene to make the client want to be treated in turn. They must also be extremely well groomed with impeccable make-up and a beautiful manicure because their appearance is a credit to their profession and the quality of their work.

3. Be passionate

To do a good job, an esthetician must be passionate. They must have a passion for aesthetics to grow in their work. The passion pushes them to do meticulous work and be constantly informed of the new techniques of care and cosmetics to bring a little innovation.

4. Do a rigorous job


An esthetician must have a taste for work well done. They must have a softness, delicacy, and precision to satisfy the customers and make them have a good time.

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