How To Get Around The Limitations Of Digital Marketing?

Digital advertising has been successful in recent years. Some advertisers exploit their data and Internet users who are demanding the management of their data. In this article, discover how to counter the “ad blockers“.

Why Do Digital Marketing?


Given the constant evolution of technology, companies are becoming more and more present on the Internet. Improving the visibility of a company’s website allows it to be easily found on the web and attract more prospects. In this respect, it is essential to improve its notoriety by enhancing its image.

Moreover, digitalization is a very economical way for the company. Indeed, thanks to its lower cost, and a return on investment, it is an investment and not an expense. But still, the activity of your company is not limited only to the territory. Its website allows it to open up to the international market. The online communication strategy allows improving the contact with potential customers.

Indeed, through this strategy, it is possible to establish a direct interaction between the company and the customers. This also contributes to customer satisfaction insofar as this online communication can better meet customers’ needs through their information.

In addition, there are methods to be used in digital marketing. These methods improve the management and the company’s functioning and mainly develop it, in particular by developing potential customers’ loyalty.

The different targeting solutions in digital advertising

First of all, there is geographic targeting. It consists in reaching a group of consumers according to their location. It therefore only reaches a group of individuals located within a perimeter around a point of sale. The geolocation data is stored according to the situations and devices used by Internet users. With this method, targeted advertising is mainly effective.

Secondly, behavioral targeting identifies Internet users according to their behavior on a website or in front of an advertisement. It is mainly used in e-commerce sites or e-mail marketing.

Finally, there is contextual targeting, which consists of displaying an advertising message according to the content of the support page. Know that improving your web content attracts many more Internet users.

Tips to bypass Ad-blockers

Ad-blockers have become an obstacle in the advertising market. Although their rise is a genuine concern for web publishers, survival usually depends on the revenue generated by advertising. As a result, the chances of accessing free, high-quality content are significantly reduced.

However, this technique has already existed for some time without impacting the world. Despite the magnitude of the issue, it is clear that it does not affect the availability of ad impressions. Indeed, the Ad-blocker is intended for users who react and respond to ads. However, Internet users are invited to disable the ad-blocker to get free content or pay a subscription to access ad-free content.

So, if a user uses an ad-blocker, it is very likely that there will be no more ads. Ad-blocker pros approve of the need for advertising, such as the use of videos that run automatically, as well as pop-ups that affect the browsing experience.

However, digital professionals must activate levers:

An editorial lever

Advertisers and agencies must write content taking into account the interests of the Internet user. You can take advantage of social networks like Instagram or Facebook to share products and services to be closer to consumers.

A strategic lever

Its objective is to implement a campaign optimization strategy taking into account the conversion funnel and the data collected on all the company’s digital devices.

A technical lever


Remove unnecessary ads, which are the first reason for installing an Adblock, and let users choose to view the ads or not.

Use software to counter ad blockers.

Adblock Notify


It automatically detects if the visitor is using an ad-blocking extension.

Adblock X

It is a very useful tool to access statistics that show the consequences of Adblockers on your website.

Adblocker detector

It is a plug-in that provides shortcodes that can be used to avoid Adblock detection. It will help you communicate with your visitors through your adblocker extension.

Simple Adblock Notice


Like Adblock notify, it also displays a notification in case visitors activate the ad-blocking extension. It has a free version that allows setting how often the notification is displayed. If you upgrade to the paid or premium version, you can customize the notification signal, title, and pages.

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