Opening A Beauty Salon In 2022

Opening a beauty salon is an exciting project but challenging to realize, especially for those who wish to open an independent (non-franchised) salon. The realization of the project requires the consideration of many elements.

Moreover, the creation of a business requires more or less important financing. For that, it is necessary that your project is convincing on its foundation, its feasibility, and especially its profitability. To do this, it is essential to study the different aspects that can influence the operation of your salon.

The market study


The field of aesthetics is very varied. Indeed, it is divided into many specialties: generalist centers and those that have opted for a specialization. Before launching your project, it is imperative to study the market in which you wish to establish yourself.

However, in general, the demand has tended to increase in recent years, especially for organic cosmetics. In addition, choosing a particular area should also take into account your competitors and the evolution of the market. In this case, ask yourself how the market will evolve in the years to come.

Choosing the type of business to start

This is one of the fundamental choices for the creation of a business. To open a beauty salon, you must choose whether your salon will be independent or belong to a network.

A franchised salon

Opening a beauty salon under a franchise consists in associating yourself with a network of professionals working in the field. This makes it much easier to find customers and build a reputation. Assistance is also available to facilitate the opening.

An independent and specialized salon

Choosing a specialization can be an excellent way to stand out from the competition but also to attract new customers. This is an interesting option when you opt for independent status. In this case, you can specialize in one or more services depending on the demand: manicure, body care, hair removal, etc.

The choice of location


Choosing a location is not just a matter of love but must be the result of an in-depth study. Indeed, the choice must be made objectively according to different parameters: potential customers, possible changes in the neighborhood such as traffic that could, for example, modify the visibility of your premises, or the competition that defines the possibility or not of a new establishment.

The profitability of the beauty salon

To make a profit, the beauty salon is essential to be profitable. The profitability is the result of your marketing strategy of communication, prospecting, and marketing, of the management of your portfolio. For your business to be profitable, it is necessary to consider some essential points.


The financing is not only used to start your business. In this case, it is not advisable to reinvest the entire savings in the operation of the business. Indeed, it is also essential to create a cash flow that will serve as a buffer in case of financial problems during the first years of activity.

The cost of service

It is essential to know the cost of each service offered to evaluate your company’s profitability. It depends on the number of services and their cost price; the expenses related to these services. You must then calculate the cost by subtracting the charges, the various expenses, and especially the taxes. This will avoid mistakes and unpleasant surprises when you do the accounts and deduct the charges. In this case, you can call upon a financial advisor.

The return on investment


A successful business does not only mean that it makes money. In fact, each investment made must bring in return for your company: this is the return on investment. The more important this contribution is, the faster the return on investment will be.

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