Sewing or Dressmaker Trade

Sewing is a technique for making, altering, and adjusting clothing. The person who practices it is called a “dressmaker”. Like any craftsman, he uses specific equipment. This usually involves sewing, knitting, thimble, safety pin, tape measure, and sewing scissors. The craftsman can also use a serger or a sewing machine. Beware, like any art, sewing requires a minimum of knowledge and know-how. It is essential to choose your device well. This way, you will achieve quality work.

The Different Types of Sewing Alterations

There are three main activities in sewing: alteration, tailoring, and adjustment of clothing. The first is to modify or improve a garment. Therefore, it can concern the clothing of men, women, or children. However, the alterations are different depending on the type of pieces. For pants, you can widen, shorten or lengthen them. For skirts, you can add buttoning or darts. For children’s clothing, you can also shorten or lengthen them. Other types of alterations can be done according to the customers’ needs. To avoid damaging the style of the garment, it is advisable to contact a professional in the field.

Sewing Basics

Before doing any sewing work, artisans should be equipped with the essentials: sewing needle, safety pin, knitting machine, sewing machine, serger, etc. To successfully design clothing, it is also necessary to have a button, a closure, a braid, a pattern, etc. Sometimes it also requires a belt, a hood, or a sleeve. In fact, it depends on the requirements of each.

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