Team Spirit: It’s All Positive

Being a team player can be an excellent asset to reach a specific goal (professional, family, sports, etc.). Moreover, a person with team spirit can efficiently work with others and adapt to any group.

Of course, being a team player is an innate quality in some people. However, motivation, effort, and hard work are qualities that any of us can acquire.

The Importance of a Cohesive Team

According to, a team is a “group of people united by common activities and interests”. Therefore, family and groups of friends can be considered teams.

Being in a close-knit family and/or group of friends can usually only have advantages. The most obvious ones are:

  • the personal growth of each member
  • mutual help and support between members
  • everyone can express themselves without fear of being judged by other members
  • a child raised in a close-knit family gains confidence and is happier

The Benefits of Working in a Team

Being part of a close team in the professional world is more than necessary. It is beneficial for both the employer and the employees. Indeed, working as a team will not only improve the performance and productivity of all employees but also optimize their personal development.

In fact, a person who is fulfilled at work will naturally be more motivated to perform his or her duties, more diligent, efficient, and productive. In addition, stress and other types of psychological problems related to work will have less impact on their health, including psychological and emotional health.

Tips for Team Building

Each member of a team contributes to team building. Team building requires commitment and hard work. In addition, team building requires bonding between team members.

To help you do this, here are some tips:

Organize a professional evening, group games, or board games within the company. Each participant will be able to let go, have fun and get closer to the others while remaining in his comfort zone (his daily life).

Moreover, there are agencies specialized in animation as well as in the organization of corporate events that can help you reserve a day for a civic activity such as reforestation, distribution of warm clothes and/or meals in reception centers and shelters, etc. A moment of sharing and good deeds can certainly be a great way to strengthen team cohesion.

Even if a team outing and a team-building are two different concepts, they can be successfully combined. The secret lies in the choice of locations and activities. A hike with obstacle courses in the mountains can be a team-building activity. For example, the company members can be divided into sub-groups. The first group to reach the finish line is the winner. However, all members must be there at the same time.

Treating all employees the same way helps to build team spirit: everyone will feel like they belong and are integrated.

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