Tips for a Successful Layout of Your Business Premises

As a company manager, you plan to carry out design work in your professional premises to motivate your team.

Indeed, the layout of the offices is essential because it contributes to conveying a positive image of the company. Moreover, poorly designed offices can reduce the company’s productivity by demotivating the staff.

Go through this article and our tips to help you renovate your office space, so your employees feel comfortable.

5 Good Reasons to Renovate Your Business Premises

Renovation work is often necessary to preserve the image of the company.

However, there are many reasons why a business owner may want to renovate, including

The premises’ adaptation to the company’s activity, especially if the premises were previously used for a completely different activity.

The modernization of the premises: it is essential to follow the current trend, and to make from time to time some alterations to improve the comfort of your employees and your customers

Optimization of the interior space: a good layout can make your premises more practical and pleasant.

Compliance with standards: most of the time, it is necessary to carry out some work so that your premises follow the standards of accessibility, safety, and hygiene in force.

The launch of a new brand image

What Work Needs to Be Done in a Commercial Space?

There are several types of works of arrangement and fitting out possible proposed by the professionals in this field:

  • Renovation of the façade, including replacing the window, changing the cladding, installing a new sign, etc.
  • Improvement of floor coverings: to make them resistant to the intensive passage of visitors
  • Repair of ceilings and wall coverings: to give a good image
  • Improved lighting: to enhance your products in the eyes of your customers.
  • Optimization of customer and staff areas: to allow fluid circulation in the store and staff areas.
  • Bringing the premises up to standard according to your main activity: for a food business or a restaurant, you must respect specific hygiene standards.

What Work Needs to Be Done in a Professional Office?

A professional office must be equipped with security systems. Moreover, offices, where customers are received, must meet the safety standards of ERP (establishments receiving the public).

This means that you must install an alarm, surveillance, and fire-fighting equipment.

Furthermore, a professional office can be arranged differently: open space, separate offices, and mixed offices.

However, you must consider the standards for the layout of the workspace. For this, you must count 10 m² for one employee, 11 m² per person for employees working in a collective office, and 15 m² per person for employees working in a noisy space.

For the company’s proper functioning and to ensure performance at work, the office furniture must be of good quality. The routing of electrical and computer wiring must be well thought out so that it does not impede the movement of people.

You should also favor natural light as much as possible. Nevertheless, you should think about installing sunshades or blinds on the windows to limit glare and overheating.

And finally, you should think about installing an efficient ventilation system to allow sufficient air renewal throughout the room.

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