Why You Still Need a Business Card in 2021?

It’s the dawning of the 21st century, and with the digital age, why do you still need business cards? Nowadays, everyone and I repeat everyone from your grandma to your baby cousin has a digital device at hand. So, aren’t business cards a bit redundant, old-fashioned or superfluous? Well, you might think so, and this is a valid critic, but this is a crucial thing in the business world, and it allows you to network efficiently. The business card industry is still alive and well, and this is because they still have a purpose as they provide key details about an individual or company. Because most people are fixed on their phones today, a business card makes a quick first impression on the recipient. So, without further ado, let’s learn why business cards are still important today.

Culturally appropriate


In some cultures exchanging business cards is a whole ritual and people take this practice very seriously. On top of that, business card exchange is vital to establishing business relationships and is an integral part of networking and getting to know people. In Hong Kong, business card exchange is highly regarded, and if someone gives on a business card and you don’t give one in exchange, then it is like you have a bankrupt business. Having a business card is a way to show that your business is flourishing there and is a way for you to keep your business from prospering. In Japan, too, business cards are highly regarded, and the quality of the cards says a lot about your business and says more about you as an individual. If you don’t share your card, you will surely lose clients.

Gives contact details


Business cards are a quick way to circulate your information and services to people. It is vital for companies to keep a strong clientele, and they’ll have all your information in this little piece of paper and can have your contact, your email address, the location of your company, and the services you offer. The recipient can quickly put the card in their wallet or in a drawer at home or their office, and these cards can come in very handy when you are searching for a company’s details. Business cards are also a life-saver for people who don’t have phones or aren’t business savvy.

Adds legitimacy


It makes you look professional and looks like you know what you are doing. People want to deal with businesses that they feel are trustworthy ad having a business card gives a semblance of professionalism. When people don’t know much about a company, especially if it is a small or upcoming business, they usually judge it based on their business cards. The appearance of the said business card actually says a lot about the company and what kind of services they provide, and most people will have a quick judgment based on this piece of information. Having business cards is a covert cue to tell people that you are running an honest and successful business and one they can actually trust. Because a failing business would not only not be handing out business cards, but they wouldn’t have them in the first place.

A proven way to grow your business



Again, the question that you might be asking yourself is, why should you have business cards when you can advertise your business online? Well, this is a proven way to expand your business and network. This old-fashioned rectangular piece of paper is still the easiest and fastest way to share business contact information with other businesses or potential and prospective customers and clients. Even in the digital age and the world we live in, it is the fastest ad best way to remind people of your business, which will slowly but surely make your business flourish. This is an oldie but a goodie, and this is why people, businessmen in particular, still use them to this day.

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