Becoming An Ambulance Driver In France: A Job With A Future

Medicine is, first and foremost a passion before it is a career. Becoming a doctor requires a huge sacrifice, as most of your time will be spent taking care of your patients. On the other hand, ambulance services are responsible for transporting the sick, the distressed, and the injured. And, of course, there are people in charge of these people in the ambulance who are the paramedics. There are many experienced providers of emergency transport services.

What exactly is an ambulance driver?


An ambulance driver is a paramedic. He can either be a qualified physician who chooses to handle emergencies on the spot and takes care of transporting patients to the hospital or a non-medical person. In this case, he or she has been trained in a professional center to acquire the basic knowledge of how to manage patients in an ambulance.

The profession of ambulance driver can be exercised in a liberal way or attached to a hospital, a medical center, or a particular company. However, the liberal profession must still go through many constraints before being active with an exorbitant financial investment in addition to administrative paperwork.

Their role

Generally, the ambulance drivers are two or three, including the driver of the ambulance and the ambulance driver(s) who provide care. The roles of the ambulance driver are to:

    • Ensure the good condition of the vehicle before taking charge of patients in an emergency: maintenance of the ambulance and the functionality of medical equipment
    • Transport patients from the point of failure to the hospital
    • Assign emergency first aid in the ambulance
    • Maintain a logbook to record all activities
    • Putting in order and updating the administrative subscriptions for the various reimbursements.

Essential Qualities

Personal qualities

The person must be of legal age, at least 18 years old, and in very good physical condition. The paramedic must be a very proactive and dynamic person and must also have the ability to anticipate all emergency situations that arise and especially be meticulous in terms of hygiene. In short, the paramedic must have a strong personality and a patient and persevering State of mind to evolve in his or her career.

Professional quality

For a non-medical person, you must first go through a specialized training center to become an ambulance driver. The training schedules are chosen according to your availability and involve a training cost. After the training, his integration into the body of ambulance must be sanctioned by a diploma recognized by the State the public health and the Ministry of Social Affairs.

Then, the ambulance driver must be a good driver. He must then have a license B of more than three years and a certificate of training in gestures and emergency care of level 2. Indeed, driving an ambulance and driving a normal vehicle is completely different. To drive an ambulance, one must be both fast and alert. Sometimes, emergencies do not allow you to drive fast, but you have to drive fast to get to the hospital.

In addition, extraordinary skills are required to manage traffic while maintaining patient care in the ambulance.


Becoming an ambulance driver allows you to get closer to the patients and cultivate an altruistic mind. Then, get the satisfaction of having contributed to saving the life of a person in danger.

Specialize in the profession by devoting yourself entirely to a given service that you enjoy the most. Nevertheless, specializing is not easy because you will still have to excel in the exams to be the best and enter the branch that will inspire you the most.

On the other hand, job security is the order of the day, as this profession will never have a gap period. To that end, the trade is stable if you master it perfectly. In addition to all of the above, age is not an issue, and only the physical and mental conditions are tested.

The salary is very attractive, as the net base salary starts at 1,000 euros for beginners and increases considerably with the rank and experience gained.



To ensure the safe transportation of your loved ones in a health emergency, it is wise to contact medical professionals with ambulances to avoid unnecessary disasters. Ambulances are well-equipped to provide the basic care that patients will need.

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