Woodworking: An Art Of Its Own

Cabinetmaking is one of the oldest sectors in the world but still holds an important place nowadays. Indeed, it is an art in its own right if we consider the various masterpieces made. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn more about woodworking. Find out everything you need to know in the following article.

What is the cabinetmaker’s job?


A cabinetmaker is a craftsman who manipulates precious wood to make furniture or other accessories according to a client’s recommendations. According to its history, the trade of cabinetmaker has been practiced since ancient Israel. Artisans used remnants of cedarwood found in the Great Temple of Solomon to make furniture.

Later, the Romans of Caesar’s time also used it to decorate their homes, make furniture out of precious wood and carve woodwork. Nowadays, this art profession is not limited to creations, but it also concerns the restoration of period furniture. Indeed, the style of each cabinetmaker is unique and is mainly inspired by a period.

For example, the wood veneers of the XIVth century are a little more oriented toward the decorative aspect than the current models, which are based on the functional side. Marquetry is also part of the work of a cabinetmaker since it is the design of one or more decorations in wood or other materials (ivory, stone, bone, metal, etc.).

This work is not accessible to everyone since it requires meticulousness, a creative mind, and of course, a perfect knowledge of the different types of wood (mahogany, cherry, oak, etc.). Nevertheless, it is still possible to follow continuous training, get a certificate, or hold a degree in cabinet making.

Differences between cabinet making and carpentry


At first glance, it is quite difficult to differentiate between the cabinetmaking and carpentry sectors. Indeed, these two craftsmen use the same materials and tools. But the main difference lies in the way the wood is worked and the services offered.

The cabinetmaker treats the wood with extreme finesse and makes furniture characterized by extremely meticulous finishes, which testifies to proven know-how. This professional is mainly called upon to make furniture or other objects out of precious wood. Working with this type of material requires precision and mastery of techniques such as wood veneer.

This method consists of gluing sheets of wood as a coating. It is often used in manufacturing and designing worktops, shelves, or tables, among others. On the other hand, the cabinetmaker manufactures, designs, and restores furniture that have a decorative aspect and is intended to beautify a room. As for carpenter, they are a craftsman who manufactures and installs doors, windows, and stairs.

The carpenter often offers a range of services such as the creation and design of dressing rooms, carpentry, etc… This professional uses sophisticated machines and tools to facilitate his tasks. They take care of the assembly and the assembly and apply different types of finishes (varnish, stain, paint…). They also take care of the layout.

Unlike a cabinetmaker, a carpenter has rather technical skills, such as mastering geometry. But they must also show manual skill and a certain artistic sense. In addition, the carpenter must know other materials such as PVC, aluminum, laminate, chipboard… In sum, it is rather a craftsman specializing in the work of second-work as the significant works that affect the buildings (creation of wood siding, for example).

If everyone had an office job, then no one would take care of our garbage or be there in the McDonald’s drive-through. A nine-to-five job is not for everyone, and some people are better with their hands and go for more unconventional jobs. Sound off in the comments section below and tell us what you want to read next.

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