The Different Types Of Plants To Install In An Office

It is well known that plants promote productivity, develop creativity and reduce the risk of stress. They also help to purify the air. That’s why it is recommended to install plants in a commercial space. Here are some of the plants you should use in your office.

Indoor plants: how to maintain them well in the office?

To have beautiful green plants in the office, it is important to maintain them well. Water your plants when the substrate is dry, and regularly remove yellowed leaves and faded flowers. If you don’t have a green thumb, choose varieties resistant to heat and lack of light (ideal if you’re away) and don’t require much water. Choose indoor plants such as kentia, cactus, aloe vera, ivy or even piliates! Need more inspiration?

Plant office: plants that help you concentrate

It’s hard to stay perfectly focused for 8 hours in a row in front of your computer. To do so, adopt a green plant on your desk. A study published in 2016 proves that plants promote contraction and better productivity (15% more for plant owners). It’s in their greenery that this elixir of youth is found. Thus, opt for the Sansevieria, the Aspidistra, the Ficus or the unconditional spider plant. You can also add some colour with an orchid or the aglaonema and its pink foliage.

The spider plant or chlorophytum

The chlorophyum has long, thin leaves. It is a plant that should not be exposed to too much light. This could break the clay pot. On the other hand, by protecting it from the light, you benefit from long-term vegetation. The biggest advantage of the spider plant is that it is discreet. The chlorophyll should always be attached to the mother plant until it is big enough to occupy a pot.

Monstera or philodendron

The philodendron is another plant to install in an office, especially if you want to create a tropical atmosphere. It’s easy to care for and adds aesthetic appeal to your commercial space. The Monstera’s leaf shapes are varied: cordate or heart-shaped, sagittate or arrow-shaped, with two indentations on the petiole, lanceolate or spear-shaped or rounded.

They can also be spatulate or spatula-shaped. This type of plant also allows you to purify the ambient air. The Monstera is one of the plants that need light. However, it should not be exposed to direct sunlight. As for the substratum, choose a well-drained and rich one.

The spathyphillum

The spathiphyllum or moonflower is perfect in an office. Just choose the right soil for this plant to grow normally. The spathyphillum should be stored in a place with a temperature of 20 to 22°C. Spathyphillum flowers are usually white. The spathyphillum needs to be fertilized at least once a month. As for watering, it should be done every two or three weeks. The moonflower is a plant that does not support a large amount of water.

Aloe vera

Aloe vera is one of the plants to be favoured in an office. It has a graphic tuft and gray-green fat leaves. It is a plant that needs good light and good drainage. It resists very well to heat. However, strong exposure to sunlight risks drying it and yellowing its leaves. Aloe vera should be watered at least once a week, especially if the surface soil is dry. Use rainwater or spring water to preserve its beauty.


The zamioculcas bring both aesthetics and well-being to an office. Ideally, it is placed near a window. However, avoid putting it near a radiator or any other heat source. It is a plant which needs water. Moreover, you must water the zamioculcas every 8 to 15 days.

Other plant species, such as dracaena and croton, are also perfect in an office. To find the right vegetation for a commercial space, contact a company that specializes in green plants for offices.

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