Conquering New Customers in the Digital Age

Building customer loyalty is good, but finding new customers is even better to ensure good growth. These approved methods will surely help you persuade prospects and get new customers. However, in the face of the market’s competitiveness, this operation proves to be painful.

The Necessity of Customer Prospecting

Designing innovative products without being able to sell them is an effort in vain for a company. Customer prospecting is a set of strategies to find new prospects and turn them into paying customers. Therefore, it is a matter of getting closer to candidates and arousing their interest to get them to buy. This work is part of a company’s commercial branch and is one of the most challenging tasks for sales representatives. Its success depends on the maintenance of the company in the competitive market and the improvement of its turnover.

Customer Prospecting Methods

Several techniques have been developed to attract consumers’ attention with the digital evolution.

Telephone prospecting

Telephone prospecting consists of calling the customer to set up an appointment. It is one of the best strategies, but it is very complex. Its realization puts a lot of stress on the commercials because convincing a person without knowing him is very difficult. Indeed, companies have in their database profiles of groups of prospects. Then, the sales representatives are in charge of calling these prospects. In this case, imagine, already with your big worries, you suddenly receive a call that talks to you about a product and wants to offer you an appointment. In most cases, the prospect does not want to be disturbed and does not want to know about your offer. So he rejects your call.

To do this, you need to have a good argument with an excellent tone of voice. Among other things, a well-personalized catchphrase followed by politeness must be used. Don’t beat around the bush, so address the call’s subject in a clear, attractive, and concise manner. For example, your call should include a brief presentation and a concrete benefit of the offer to the prospect. You should also expect objections, as the candidate will not immediately accept you. Offer an alternative so as not to be rejected. Moreover, telephone prospecting is effective and fast. Indeed, you will have your answer in record time by talking directly with the prospect.

Prospecting by email

Suppose companies have used emails to maintain their customer relationship and ensure the continuity of services. In that case, it can also serve as a good bait for prospects. Email prospecting is mailing in the digital age. It is about sending mass emails to prospects.

As in telephone prospecting, the email must consist of a presentation of the company, the subject of the mail and especially the particularity and the benefits of the offer. As you will not be able to answer him as soon as you receive the mail, bet on the content of the email. It must be of good quality, precise and not too long. Look for and deal with any objections that may arise beforehand. Moreover, come up with solutions to get around their hesitation. Still, in terms of content, some companies have implemented different marketing strategies such as inbound marketing to conquer customers.

Unlike the call, broadcasting emails is simple and has a low cost. Moreover, with the evolution of the internet, emails are more appreciated than postal mail. Indeed, people are used to consulting emails daily.


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