Fishmonger: How To Gain Visibility On The Internet?

Fishmongers play a central role in how we get fish and crustaceans but do they advertise their business properly? Nowadays, with the perpetual evolution of technology, the Internet has imposed its inevitable place in society. To this effect, all commercial activities of any kind can be done on the Internet. One of them is the fishmonger’s shop, a sector in great expansion at present.

However, in order to be successful, one must surpass oneself on the strategies to be visible on this platform. Indeed, trade is, above all, a question of “marketing” and “business” as well as careful management. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of the best techniques to increase the visibility of your fish shop on the Internet.

The Internet and its advantages


The Internet is a worldwide computer network open to the general public. It constitutes transmitting information and communicating easily and quickly. Note that its universe is not only websites but also various social networks. It is estimated that the fisheries sector brings in more than 800 million in sales, with about 200 sedentary fishmongers that are created each year in France. A digital presence will allow you to boost your sales activities of fish products.

1. Create a responsive website

To do this, you can create the website yourself by using editors designed for this purpose or contact an expert in the field. The particularity of the responsive design website is that it adapts to any type of screen. The site allows you to present your business, location, products and services, and contact. For your fishmonger to be well referenced, it is also necessary to define the field of work you are targeting.

2. Apply natural referencing or SEO and create a blog


This technique is a common practice to gain visibility on the Internet. Therefore, its ultimate goal is to maximize the results in a sustainable way on the Internet. This work consists of creating content to increase traffic. However, it requires a great investment of time to perfect it. Thus, natural referencing intervenes to make your website climb on the search engines. The idea is to entrust this task to digital marketing and web marketing professionals.

The creation of a blog has its advantage by its low cost. It allows you to enhance your brand image and improve your referencing through articles related to your services that you will publish regularly. These articles can be cooking recipes, tips, advice, themes on the fish products you sell, and many others. The role of the blog is to highlight you as an expert in your chosen field.

3. Keep in touch

To gain visibility, you must keep in constant contact with your users. Moreover, you must be present on the different social networks to make yourself known. However, be careful to choose the right communication channels. Here are some advertising methods you can apply to stay ahead of the competition:

    • Set up a brand ambassador
    • Publish comments that praise your quality of service
    • Create various prospective events
    • Participate actively in events
    • Make attractive games and contests
    • Let Internet users express themselves to know their expectations and needs in real-time.

As we can see, Internet users are used to consulting and reading opinions and views in comments before buying products online. Indeed, it is not enough to have a good e-reputation but to propose the best assets of your products compared to the competition. The guarantee of the quality of service is therefore put to the test to build customer loyalty.

4. Be up to date


To keep your site’s position on search engines and not be penalized, it is imperative to be updated on social networks and the Internet.

Sound off in the comments section below and tell us what you want to read next and if you want to read more about advertising as a fishmonger.

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