How To Be Productive When Working From Home During COVID-19? (Part 1)

If there is something that we are being forced to do, it is to work from home—those who cannot are performing their duties as often as possible. Human Resources is trying hard to learn how to telecommute and maintain that productivity for all of those we have sent home. The circumstances that we are currently living with confinement at home due to the coronavirus force us to implement urgent measures that seemed impossible, unfeasible. But we have seen that it can be done, some companies are testing it, and we are learning to adapt in a somewhat hasty way, but it is being carried out. Many employees know what it is like to work from home, but not all have the habits or the discipline that is required. In this blog, we give you some recommendations to gain productivity while working from home. Let’s check them out!


So, How to Be More Productive at Home? 

Telecommuting and Work in the COVID-19 Pandemic: Are Workers Returning to the Workplace or Staying in Their Home Offices? | RAND

We know it…putting yourself in front of the screen doesn’t work all the time. It is as easy as ABC to get distracted and waste time on issues you would not notice if you were in the office. Sometimes we look at social networks, answer emails, or read articles that we find the most interesting. So, we must define what you have to do, what you need to do, and focus. Yes, and I’m sure everything is necessary and valid, but you have to consider your goals and focus.


The Pomodoro Technique

One of the best-known techniques in productivity and now more for situations at home is the Pomodoro technique. It consists of doing 25-minute portions of intense work followed by 5 minutes of rest. The idea is that you can focus during those periods to dedicate yourself to getting the most job out of each period. It is essential that, during those times, you are clear about what you will do in each strip. Moments to answer emails, moments to document yourself, moments to write, moments to develop an idea or whatever you need to do. Doing several things at the same time can detract from your productivity.


Have a Workspace

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Well, that seems pretty obvious, but after having spent time at home working, I assure you that it is essential that you have a space to locate yourself for such a function. It is your corner, your place at home, that helps you focus on your tasks. You can trust that with the laptop you can work from the sofa, or from anywhere. But that won’t help you be more productive. If you mix, you may be opening the door to some clutter at your limits, and clearly, your productivity will be impaired. That space is a place that you must keep orderly, clean, and with what is necessary for your work. You must be comfortable because you will spend essential time intervals there, so you must be comfy. Your work chair, your environment should not be something that you think does not matter; your health is also at stake, so what you have on hand must be comfortable. That also affects the space, that is, light that comes naturally to you whenever possible. When not, have the right light that does not reflect on the screen and bothers your eyes. Overly ambient lights are not recommended either. The space must be airy and calm to ventilate well and where you are neither too hot nor too cold.


The GTD (Get Things Done) technique will also help you list all the tasks you must carry out. As you fulfill them, you can cross them out, which will also help you keep your motivation high. These are some tips that you can follow so that these days, in which many of you are confined at home, you can not only cope with the situation but be really productive. Check out the second and third parts for more fabulous tips!


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