The Ridiculously Thorough Guide to Electronic Content Management

Most of us aren’t aware of Electronic Content Management or ECM, and I won’t blame you for this as unless you are part of the industry or work in a company that uses ECM, you most likely have never even heard of it. Electronic Content Management is a must if you own a company because you will quickly be overrun by word documents, excels, images and PDFs, and ECM makes all these more manageable and makes your life easier as it organizes the material in a way that reduces inefficiencies and improves processes. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the realm of ECM.

What is an ECM?


It refers to the strategies and tools used to store, capture, and deliver content in many ways necessary for the smooth running of the daily activities and processes of a business. In a nutshell, it creates order and tames the chaos that was there before, and creates a structure of all the files that you just haphazard places before. They help in the smooth running of a business as they make all the data and information available in an orderly manner and can be easily accessible with the click of a mouse. You don’t have to comb through your desktop to find what you are searching for. It eliminates chaos and makes sure that you can to your desired content in a matter of second and this speed up paperwork and makes your company more efficient.

Why is it important? 


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It also creates more cohesion between all the departments of your company as all the departments like human resource, payroll, supply chain, among others, gets all the information they need under the same ECM system. ECM allows you to declutter your content and makes order in all the essential files that are just placed on your PC, which improves how you operate your business. It also ameliorates communication among the different teams and departments and makes working in other locations and time zones a reality that is especially needed with the Covid-19 situation.

How does it work?

As mentioned earlier, ECM is made up of various components that come together to organize the contents of your company. You should usually expect these things from an ECM system:

    • Secured access– It is a virtual storage site a bit akin to the cloud and helps secure the private documents of a company and allows access to only those with the proper identifier and passwords. Most ECMs out there provide tiered access to documents that not everyone has the same access to all documents. Your degree of accessibility depends on the clearing you obtain from the higher up, which can be managed internally. This mitigates leaks and the risk of data being compromised or lost.
    • The process is automated– A good ECM system that is worth it should automatically route documents to the right people on time and notify them of them.


    • Digitization of documents– They use a system called OCR or Optional Character Recognition to digitize all your documents. The ORC system works a bit like a scanner and converts images into documents and makes the text file easily readable by the EC software. This eliminates the need for manual entry of records, physical storage, and risk of error.
    • They are stored– When the OCR system has digitized all the documents, you can store them on the cloud or an on-site serve, or both. This is far more convenient than physical records of files and makes the use of files and filing cabinets redundant.

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