How To Boost Your Concentration When Working From Home?

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, some companies have maintained telecommuting to lighten the load and avoid traveling, especially for vulnerable people. However, working from home is not easy when you have a large family. To maintain productivity and quality of work, you need to stay focused in the face of various diversions that can distract your attention. Here are our tips to help you optimize your concentration!

Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

Just because you stay at home doesn’t mean you have to change your good habits. Start by eating a healthy diet focusing on fruits, vegetables, and foods rich in omega-3s such as fatty fish, chia seeds, flaxseed oil, etc. Then, you must respect the number of hours of sleep, get enough sleep, even if you have all the time in the world to finish your work late at night. Finally, get up from time to time from your chair because a sedentary lifestyle is not conducive to concentration.

Get Regular Physical Exercise

Set aside sometime before work to do some exercise, two to three times a week. Physical activities are known to develop certain types of concentration according to mental preparation.

Adopt a Healthy Environment

To have a successful telecommuting experience, put yourself in a quiet place where the house’s occupants move around the least. However, the noise and commotion of your children will undoubtedly break your concentration at some point.

To avoid this, have an insulating glass interior door installed so that you no longer hear the noises coming from the other rooms. If the noise of cars passing outside also bothers you, change your windows with an insulation system.

Focus on The Present Moment

When you are working, you must focus all your attention on the task in front of you. In other words, stop thinking about tasks that have already been completed, even if you think you’ve ruined them. Easy to say but hard to do? Meditation activities such as yoga help you focus on the present moment if you tend to get distracted easily.

Take a Deep Breath

Not getting out of the house will surely increase your stress level. If you are used to going outside for air, change your technique: get into the habit of breathing deeply and slowly from time to time in your chair. This movement reduces your stress and prevents it from interfering with your concentration.

Think Positively

You may organize yourself differently at home to get your work done by starting late or shifting your break time. However, you are afraid that you will not achieve your daily goals with these new habits. To remedy this, practice positive visualization to help you focus on your goals. Set a specific time and check to see if you have finished all your tasks by that time. Not only will your goal be achieved with this technique, but it effectively increase your focus.

Opt for Natural Remedies

First of all, use essential oils as soon as you feel your ability to concentrate weakening. To do this, put a few drops of peppermint EO on your neck, preferably in the morning. You can also apply two drops of Rosemary EO on your wrists by rubbing them together or on a handkerchief by inhaling directly. Afterward, solicit the power of plants such as bacopa and turmeric by making an infusion. Finally, it is recommended to use osteopathy and acupuncture, effective methods if you have great difficulty concentrating.

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