Top 4 Boys’ Love Series To Watch To Distress After Work (Part one)

Thailand is currently the reigning king when it comes to the production of boys’ romance series (BL), surpassing Japan. Thai BLs have been slowly gaining in popularity and importance since 2013. The demand for Thai BLs in the past few years has increased significantly. Shows such as Kinnporsche, Not me, To Sir With Love, Cutie Pie, and Bad Buddy have a huge local and international following. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of the boys’ love series that you should watch at least once in your life.

1. Together With Me- Thai 2017

Together with Me (อกหักมารักกับผม) Episode 1 [Review] – Psychomilk's Love  Without Gender

Two childhood friends reunite in high school after many years apart. Korn has a girlfriend when Knock already knows he is gay. During a night of too much drinking, the two have sex together, and the problems begin when they wake up the next day, each having to deal with complicated feelings for the other. I think I’ve said it enough on the blog; Yihwa is my favorite character in the drama, an absolutely great girl, Knock’s best friend, and who decides to support him fully in his feelings for Korn.

The characters of this drama are all (or almost) excellent! First boys love drama I’ve seen, and I couldn’t ask for better with mature, good actors and great chemistry between them. The two main actors are also very close in real life, and it really shows on screen. The drama is followed by Together With Me 2 and Bad Romance with the same crew.

2. Theory of Love- Thai 2019

A big favorite for this BL drama seen last year, in 2019, the year of its release. If, in addition, you like the cinema, then you will be served! The characters evolve in a college with a group of students specializing in filmmaking. One of them will develop strong feelings for another member of the group, very popular with the girls and self-centered.

Besides, our friend is perfectly aware of this character trait in his friend, and that’s why he keeps his feelings for him until he gets closer and closer to the student who is the president of his club. I loved all the themes exploited in this drama and, of course, especially the characters and their evolution. Everything is very fluid; we follow several points of view and several relationships, and none is left to chance; quite frankly, this is a BL that I recommend to you 100%!

3. The Lover- Korean 2015

A romantic comedy through which we follow different couples who live in the same building. Among them, a young Korean man meets his roommate, who is Japanese. What I like about this drama, all those who have seen it will tell you is it lets its characters talk about sex very freely, something quite rare because Korean comedies like to show us prudes and pure protagonists on the subject, where you have to wait until half of the episodes to have the pairing.

Here it is not the case; we feel a big step from the scriptwriter on the subject of love and even want to make love to his partner without going through a thousand and one adventures from the characters. The series shows us the simple conjugal life of Korean couples who move in together. Well, in the case of our gay couple, they are not together right away, but their story is very interesting, although much less explicit than the two dramas mentioned above.

4. Addicted- Chinese 2016

Shang Yin (TV Mini Series 2016– ) - IMDb

It was a big hit in China and internationally; I’ve already discussed it a bit above. In this drama, 2 boys, one coming from a poor family and the other from a more affluent one, are going to meet without knowing that the father of one has remarried the mother of the other. Ignoring this fact, the two will discover a very strong attraction for each other and will meet difficulties in managing this new feeling between them.

The series dares to show some aspects that can be real in a couple when two people discover very strong feelings that they must learn to manage and understand. Especially as you will have understood, their family situation will make things even more complicated for them. If, for my part, I remained mixed on several things, this drama is very appreciated among those who have seen it and very popular in our country in its register.

The cast is endearing; there is great chemistry between the actors. It should be noted that this is also an adaptation of a Chinese BL novel, “Are You Addicted?” which I’m sure you can find at least the translation of the chapters in English on the internet. On the other hand, the drama shows some dark and somewhat psychological sides in the characters and their relationships, so that I wouldn’t put this series in all hands.

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