Top 3 Important Points To Know About After-Sales Service

Also known as after-sales service, after-sales service is not just a department within a construction company, a telecommunication company, a manufacturing company, or even a simple distribution store of electronic equipment or other. It is one of the essential pillars in the development of a company. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of the things you need to know about after-sales services.

1. After-sales service is an excellent way to reassure and retain customers


How can after-sales service be an excellent way to reassure the customer and even build loyalty? By offering maintenance, repair, and exchange services for the equipment sold in case, the buyer encounters problems or malfunctions. Indeed, generally speaking, before buying an appliance, a car, or even an electronic device (new or used), each customer will check its working condition. They will also want to know what will happen if, when they get home, the device does not work as expected. And this, even if tests have been done in-store.

According to current studies, “The after-sales service of a company, or SAV, is responsible for the follow-up of the goods after its purchase by the customer. If necessary, it ensures the maintenance, repair, or exchange of a product sold by the company. (…) If the after-sales service can sometimes be invoiced, it is generally included in the sales contract of the product because it constitutes an essential tool for customer loyalty.

According to the same source, delivery, installation, as well as physical and/or telephone assistance are also part of the after-sales service functions. Therefore, this service can also be called customer service. Moreover, when a company offers an excellent after-sales service, a recommendation of its services and/or products by its customers to their acquaintances is done, so to speak, automatically. This will give the company publicity and help it build a good reputation.

2. The after-sales service is present in most of the fields of activity

In the food industry, services, insurance, whatever the field of activity of a company, it is essential to provide good customer service or after-sales service. This translates into the way you treat the customer, negotiate with him, or reassure him and answer his requests.

In a cleaning company, for example, it is within the framework of after-sales service that the customer service representative will ensure the satisfaction of the customer (individual or company) after the cleaning agent has visited the customer’s home or premises.

After-sales service is also present in various fields such as construction, IT and telecommunications, insurance, banking, trade, and even among distributors of demolition equipment and dealers of large machines. Indeed, even if large machines such as aerial work platforms (spider, telescopic boom, etc.), construction trucks, cranes, agricultural tractors, skidders, and hydraulic rock breakers are known to be solid devices, buying them is a significant investment. That is why the customer makes sure to have an after-sales service and a warranty.

3. After-sales service in the eyes of the law


The after-sales service is regulated by the law, particularly laws protecting consumers, and it protects their rights, especially when scammed. Moreover, guaranteeing each appliance, material, or equipment purchased by consumers is part of the services provided by the after-sales service of a commercial enterprise. Moreover, the duration of a legal guarantee of conformity can go up to 2 years maximum.

Final thoughts

To improve the after-sales service, it is necessary to be attentive and reactive to the customer’s requests, needs, and suggestions/opinions. Sound off in the comments section below, and tell us what you want to read next and if you want to read more about after-sales services.

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