Labor Exploitation: How to Denounce It?

Work is important in everyone’s life. Indeed, it allows man to provide for his basic needs, build a fortune, etc. It also allows one to develop intellectually. Nowadays, many workers feel that they are exploited in their services. Find out in this article how you can go about reporting these abuses. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn more about labor exploitation.

Contacting an Employment Lawyer


Workplace exploitation is a common occurrence in today’s businesses. Calling a specialized lawyer is the best thing to do in this case. Indeed, he knows the rights and duties of a worker as stipulated in the Labor Code. He will be able to determine if your employer is really at fault and to what extent. He will give you a clear idea of what to do.

Cases of labor exploitation are generally settled in two ways: out of court or in court. In the case of an out-of-court settlement, he or she will do everything possible to ensure that your employer can properly compensate you. Similarly, in the case of a lawsuit, he will do everything to ensure that you are compensated. Indeed, with his experience, he knows which points to play on to achieve his goals.

Complain to the labor inspectorate

The labor inspectorate is one of the authorities that regulate work. All companies employing staff are under its authority. Thus, you can go to this state entity to denounce your employer in case of labor exploitation. Indeed, there is a service in charge of receiving complaints from workers. You will be very well received there.

The labor inspector will receive your statement. They will then conduct an investigation to confirm what you have said. Once your hearing is over, the inspector will take the necessary steps to compensate you. As a prelude to this compensation, he will inform your employer that he has been informed of one or more cases of labor exploitation. Rest assured, you will remain anonymous.

Complain to your company’s personnel officer

The personnel officer is a person elected by the employees of a company. Their mission is to report the dissatisfaction of the staff to the employer and vice versa. The law says that any company with more than eleven employees must have a personnel officer. The latter must have a certain seniority within the company and must not be related to the employer.

All these specifications allow the personnel manager to do his job well without fearing his employer. Indeed, he is protected by the law. You can file a denunciation of labor exploitation with the latter. He will transmit your complaint to the employer while keeping your identity secret in order to find a solution.

Complain to the workers’ union


The union is an association of workers. The role of this association is to defend the interests of all workers. Employees meet in a union according to several criteria. For example, workers meet according to their region and the industry in which they operate. Sometimes, unions even meet within companies.

You can go to the workers’ union in your department, region, or business and tell them about your work situation in great detail. After listening to you, the unionists will say to you what to do. At their level, they will take care of finding an alternative to solve your problem.

To sum up, there are several ways to report a case of labor exploitation. You can go to a lawyer specializing in labor law, to the labor inspector, etc.

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