Outsourced Secretarial Services In France: A Way To Optimize Your Productivity

Many entrepreneurs waste a lot of time dealing with administrative paperwork and managing accounting. This decreases their productivity and also the company’s earnings. But this situation can be solved by opting for an outsourced secretariat. Find out in this article why you should opt for an outsourced secretarial service and how it can increase your productivity.

Outsourced secretarial services: what are they?


Outsourced secretarial services are becoming more and more widespread in France. It is a profession that consists in entrusting part or all of your secretarial or administrative tasks to a third-party company. It is a kind of subcontracting of activities without added value to the company to an external provider. This business has made its debut in the telephone permanence and transcription sector. The outsourced secretariat offers many services such as appointment setting, telephone permanence, mail processing, unpaid reminders, and also the organization of events.

Outsourced secretarial services: why outsource your company’s secretarial services?

Administrative management, repetitive data entry, and telephone reception are all time-consuming activities that are essential to the smooth running of your company. Several reasons can lead you to outsource your secretarial services.

Outsourcing your secretarial services allows you to control your budget.

Outsourcing your secretariat allows you to control and reduce your budget. Indeed, the service providers propose flexible offers according to your needs and the work to be provided. You can therefore eliminate social charges and management costs. The outsourced secretariat is economical because the service is invoiced only for the service rendered.

You benefit from a wider range of skills


Outsourcing your secretariat allows you to benefit from a wide range of competencies such as the follow-up of unpaid invoices, the follow-up of the treasury, and telephone permanence. This option offers you the opportunity to have access to more technical skills such as the mastery of technological tools, telemarketing, e-mailing, or even the development of your company on social networks.

This fast and efficient handling of your business allows you to gain productivity and offers you flexibility in your activity. An outsourced secretarial service allows you to save money on operations, travel, and also on investments. An external secretary can help you develop your brand image by providing a quality service. Note that the most important thing is the trust that exists between you and the provider. Once you have developed a relationship of trust with your provider, you can go about your business.

Outsourced secretarial services: how to choose the right provider?

It is important to choose the right provider for solid and long-lasting collaboration. You must know that the sector of the outsourced secretariat is not subjected to any regulation. Thus, you must make several estimates and read carefully the general conditions of the sale. You can also ask to meet your administrative assistant before signing the contract. This will allow you to determine his personality and skills. Note that it is important to respect the work deadlines for your secretarial missions.

Outsourced secretarial services: for which rates?

The hourly rate of an outsourced secretarial company is between 30 and 50 euros per hour. Count between 200 and 350 euros TTC for a 7 hours day. You must bear in mind that the average cost of a secretarial service varies according to the type of work and also the urgency of the request. If you want your external secretary to work from your site, you must pay accordingly. The price will be much higher because you have to add the travel expenses.

Final thoughts


Using an outsourced secretary allows you to focus on more important tasks. It is a great opportunity to reduce your costs. Sound off in the comments section below and tell us what you want to read next and if you want to read more about secretarial jobs.

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