Top 4 Advantages Of Having Business Cards In 2022

It’s the dawning of the 21st century, and with the digital age, why do you still need business cards? Nowadays, everyone and I repeat everyone from your grandma to your baby cousin has a digital device at hand. So, aren’t business cards a bit redundant, old-fashioned or superfluous? Well, you might think so, and this is a valid critic, but this is a crucial thing in the business world, and it allows you to network efficiently. 

The business card industry is still alive and well, and this is because they still have a purpose as they provide key details about an individual or company. Because most people are fixed on their phones today, a business card makes a quick first impression on the recipient. So, without further ado, let’s learn why business cards are still important today. 

The use of the business card in a digitized world


Nowadays, communication can be done thanks to digitization, the intervention of the net, and all social networks imminently. However, it is inevitable for face-to-face contacts to resort to other forms of communication, such as the distribution of business cards.

The use of the business card is a way to reflect the notoriety of the company, the brand, or the activities represented by the professional. The sense of contact is particularly enhanced by this rather classic but still effective type of communication. Therefore, despite the prevalence of digital technology, business cards remains one of the practices that can enhance the relational sense.

Advantages of the business card

Conceived to ensure the visibility of the company and/or its activities, a well-made business card with a charming design has many advantages and knows how to speak for itself. So that it contributes to the development of the entity, it must be made in a neat way. It is even essential to entrust a business card design to professionals… Here are some of the benefits that can be gained by using a business card.

1. Expand your professional network


Giving a business card to contact means that both individuals could stay in touch, and the latter could propose beneficial activities for the company. This piece of paper containing necessary information can open up new horizons and new opportunities at any time. Moreover, it is possible that the person to whom the business card was given can recommend us to other partners, professionals, or clients. This certainly helps to expand the scope of the professional network through word of mouth.

2. Promote your company and its activities

There are many golden opportunities for professionals to promote their companies and activities. Among others, we can mention the various trade shows, conferences, dinners, and/or business meetings. These different events are sometimes at the origin of the promotion of the entity. The markets, clientele, and partnership are key elements that can benefit from this company’s promotion.

3. Facilitate communication


No matter how small, the business card is a very physical means of communication for any professional relationship. The supremacy of the digital world can not yet definitively dismiss the importance of this small but significant object. On the contrary, it facilitates the communication between professionals, between them and their customers.

4. These are the most effective direct marketing tools.

Email marketing, search engine optimization, and paid media can attract leads and prospects, but they are still not as effective as an in-person meeting sealed with a handshake and an exchange of business cards.

You can meet a contact or potential contact at any time- trade shows, industry conferences, happy hours, airport lounges- and carrying business cards at all times will ensure that you never miss an opportunity to establish a valuable business relationship. Keep them in your pocket, wallet, money clip, or laptop bag, so you’re ready the next time you meet a prospect.

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