Beginner’s Guide: What is Human Resources?

Running a business is an easy feat; it takes a village to run it, and I am not being literal here; if you own a medium enterprise, you ought to have a dedicated team behind you for the smooth running of your business. Human resources play a vital role in this, most of us know them as the people who call us for interviews, but they play a much more complex role in the day-to-day running of a business. Most of us think that HRs only work at the end of the month to send salaries, but there is so much more than that, and this mindset diminishes their work. So, without further ado, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of what a human resource is and does?

What are Human Resources?

Understanding the Contribution of Community Relations for Business Organizations

Most commonly known and referred to as HR, they are dedicated to managing the day-to-day running of a business and everything that is related to the workforce. The HR department is responsible for the staff and everything related to them, like their paycheck, wealth fare and even insurance. They are usually the bridge between the workers and the upper managerial branches and they ensure the smooth running of the business by ensuring that everyone’s needs are met. They are pretty much responsible for anything and anyone in the workplace and people usually fail to understand their purpose and importance.

What do they do exactly?


They manage the company’s most vital assets, the workforce, they help support the works and help in the daily running of their task and are usually the one you can when there is anything wrong with the firm. Some of the jobs they do:

1. Handle payroll


They are the ones in charge of payroll and they handle everything from salaries to compensations. They are the ones that compile workers’ hours, calculate their taxes, pay wages, process bonuses and raises, schedule paychecks and reimburse expenses.

2. Create Staff plans


They are usually the ones in charge of creating schedules of when you work and are off and they are the ones whom you need to inform prior to taking a leave or sabbatical. They usually develop rosters and other systems to motivate their teams and be fairer in work distribution.

3. Recruitment and termination of jobs


They are also in charge of recruitment and are the out that fish out and go through CVs to find the perfect candidate for their company. They are the hiring and firing department of the company are your fate is in their hands, they aren’t tyrants, this depends on your company we don’t want to make broad generalizationS, but they are usually fair in their judgment when they have to hire or fire someone from their position.

4. Foster positive relationships


They aren’t just there for the paperwork and other practice; they are also in charge of the welfare of their employers. A competent HR team will have at heart to create a more inclusive and diverse time that fosters positive relationships between all the workers. They need to ensure that there are cordial employee-to-employee relationships and employee to company relationships as well. Positive interaction between the two can create a more happy and productive workforce which is a win-win for both parties. They are the glue that binds the company and its employees together.

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