Technique For Writing An Advertising Text

Copywriting is one of the most effective ways to attract target customers for a company’s marketing strategy. However, not all companies have the means to hire a professional in this field. Indeed, a good advertising text must contain the right vocabulary that can significantly influence the perception of consumers without giving the impression of being an advertisement. But what are the techniques for writing effective advertising copy? Our answers are below

What is copywriting?


Copywriting is professional writing dedicated to advertising texts. The main characteristic of this writing technique is to convince the target customers to buy your product. The copywriter, in his role, indirectly pushes the reader to make a purchase or contact the company for other actions. To be short in describing copywriting, this technique is an art form of persuasion through quality textual content. It is used in any form of a marketing campaign for a company.

What is the main purpose of copywriting?

Copywriting pushes the writer to achieve a single goal: to sell. To do this, you have to use all the means at your disposal to hit the bull’s eye with your recipient. Therefore, your story must be as convincing as possible, using creative, simple and clear formulas that make your readers want to know more. Sometimes it only takes a few small details to succeed in psychologically impacting the reader in his reading while remaining credible. To be a good writer, you must then:

    • Know and understand your target audience.
    • Know the expectations of your audience.
    • Find the right words of persuasion.

How to focus your text on the target group?

Advertising texts can take different forms, depending on the nature of the product or the company’s function. They can be used as advertisements, newsletters in the case of email marketing, illustrated brochures, billboards, or other advertising materials printed by an advertising company. The marketing strategy is organized according to the target audience, which means that your advertising texts must be aligned with their particularity. In fact, you should ask yourself the following questions in your efforts:

    • How do you define your target customers, and what are their characteristics?
    • Are you aware of their expectations?
    • What are they afraid of, and what solutions do they expect from you?

Adopt the AIDA method for effective copywriting


The AIDA method is an advertising principle with a simple formula to remember. It is very practical for marketing communication. We advise you to keep this formula in mind when writing your advertising texts. This will help you to meet the objectives of any marketing campaign easily. The main purpose of the AIDA method is to draw attention to you, to arouse the readers’ interest, to arouse the customer’s desire, and to lead him to action.


The first step is to reach your target using your advertising slogan. Remember, getting your target’s attention is crucial. Indeed, no matter how good your advertising material is, as long as it does not reach the perception of your clientele, you will not be able to achieve your objective.


Next comes the need to get your readers interested. In order for your customers to focus on the product, make sure that the content of your text is relevant to their concerns. Do not hesitate to insert questions that may involve your readers to attract their attention (Are you looking for…?)


Having been interested in the message, the reader must now generate a feeling of need. To do this, you can, for example, propose a solution to the problem mentioned above. It is through this step that you must transform interest into desire.



After all these steps of introducing the product, it is now the reader’s turn to act by himself by buying the product or referring to your contact information for future purchases.

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