The Materials You Absolutely Must Have To Open A Pastry Shop

The pastry shop is an important profession in any society. For this reason, many professionals are getting into it. However, creating a pastry business cannot be improvised. Indeed, in order to better start this activity, some preparations must be taken into account, including the necessary equipment, the budget related to the realization of the project, the legal contracts, etc. Discover in this article the essential points to respect to open a pastry shop. It is well known that making pastry requires a lot of precision and meticulousness, that’s why it is essential to have a powerful equipment.

The preparation equipment


The preparation equipment includes many pieces of equipment used to prepare your recipe. They facilitate the tasks to be undertaken, and each one has its specific role; mixing, cutting, zesting, measuring, cooking, storing, weighing, and dosing… The basic equipment is the following:

1. The whisk and the food processor

The whisk should be made of stainless steel. Generally used to beat or mix a preparation, it can also be replaced by a food processor.

2. The mixing bowl

It is used to make mixtures and is a half-spherical container. It should not be confused with a pastry bowl that has a flat bottom.

3. The spatula

This utensil comes in the form of a rectangular spatula with a long handle. The paddle contains a right and rounded angle to scrape the bottom of the bowl when preparing a recipe.

4. The rolling pin

A rolling pin is used to roll out dough or any other preparation. It can be made of wood, silicone, or stainless steel. Some can be patterned.

5. A precision scale

An absolute must in baking. Either you know it or learn it the hard way by overdosing on a gelatin cream or an agar agar confit. Precision, we can’t say it enough, is the key! This scale allows you to measure your gelatin, yeast, or pectin to the tenth of a gram.

6. A perforated aluminum plate


To guarantee perfect baking and say goodbye to air bubbles under the pie shells, we haven’t yet found anything better than this plate that lets the air escape. Combined with a perforated baking mat, it’s the ultimate weapon. You’ll never have to poke your pastry again. With this accessory, you’ll bake evenly without having to camp out in front of your oven to hunt down the slightest air bubble.

The cooking equipment

The cooking equipment is mainly composed of an electric oven. It can be for professional or domestic use. Your choice will be based on your needs. The cooking cloth, the cooking plate, and the pans will also be of great use to you.

The conservation equipment

They are made up of professional refrigerators, cold rooms, proofing rooms, pastry ladders, and bread slicers.

The essential equipment for your pastry department

You must know how to set up your pastry department to attract your customers. You must therefore have the right equipment.

A heated display case

This equipment is as essential as a refrigerated display case. As its name indicates, it is used to keep food warm such as snacks, pizzas. It has certain advantages such as:

    • A better appreciation of your dishes
    • To arouse the desire to buy your products
    • The possibility of offering hot food

The bread splitter

If you want to emphasize your breads, you will have to have a bread splitter. This accessory is useful for slicing bread almost instantly.

The bread slicer

As its name suggests, a bread slicer will be useful for cutting your bread according to your chosen size. Thus, you will not take enough time to cut the bread. It should be noted that this tool is more efficient than a simple electric knife, for example.



Opening your pastry shop is not easy if you really want to reach a certain level of professionalism. It implies a huge investment, so it is important to choose the right equipment. The ultimate goal is to satisfy and retain your customers.

In order to have long-lasting and efficient quality equipment, it is wise to rely on professionals who can advise you on the essential equipment for bakeries and pastry shops.

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