Discover Everything About The Cereal Farming Profession

Also known as a cereal farmer, the cereal farmer is in charge of a farm whose main activity is cereal production. This includes corn, rice, wheat, sorghum, etc. This professional is sometimes a real company manager. Thus, apart from his farm, he can work in a network with cooperatives. He can also work with other professional structures, such as the chamber of agriculture, consulting agencies, or suppliers. Here is everything you need to know about this type of profession!

What does the cereal farmer do?


First of all, the cereal farmer works in the open air. He or she works to carry out the work necessary for production on a farm specializing in cereal crops. He/she makes physical efforts on a daily basis when handling plant protection products and fertilizers.

The cereal farmer knows how to choose his seeds, alternate crops, prepare his equipment, and carefully monitor the sown plots. This allows him to better prevent diseases, pest attacks, and other risks that could destroy his harvest. Soliciting a nurseryman can also greatly help the production of your crops.

It should also be noted that the cereal farmer is informed and very vigilant about the weather conditions. He knows how to launch the harvest in the best window in order to succeed in storing the grains in the best conditions.

Other daily activities of a cereal farmer

The cereal farmer is well aware of the laws, standards, and regulations that apply to cereals. This allows him to orient his productions in the direction of a culture respectful of the environment and of a product that best meets the expectations of the consumers. Moreover, he is at the heart of innovation.

Moreover, the cereal farmer masters the protection strategy that reconciles production, respect for the environment, and food safety. He must know how to use the natural stimulator of the defenses against the diseases of cereals such as wheat.

It should also be noted that the cereal farmer relies on the collective to go further. Organizing the work and delegating certain tasks are also part of his fundamental responsibilities.

What are the skills and qualities required to become a cereal farmer?

The cereal farmer is a real company manager with the responsibilities and constraints of this position. It is a demanding job with long days and vacations rare. Even if a whole team assists him, the cereal farmer is on the front line to make decisions and manage the unexpected.

He has solid basic training acquired in an agricultural high school, an institute, or a school. But that’s not all! The activity of the cereal farmer also requires specific skills. First of all, he must have good physical resistance. He must be rigorous and have a good sense of observation. In addition to these skills, we can mention:

  • Reactivity and adaptability 
  • Control and coolness 
  • Skills in cultivation techniques and business management (organizational skills, anticipation, strategy, management, etc.) 
  • Technical and economic management skills 
  • Leadership and communication skills 
  • Marketing management and farm machinery operation.

It should also be noted that the cereal farmer is versatile. He knows not only agronomy, genetics, machinery, climatology, and soils but also management and legislation.

What is the salary of a cereal farmer?


The income of a cereal farmer varies greatly depending on the size of the farm, the type of production, and the good management of the farm complex. It also depends on the harvest and the selling prices. The average net income is €1,200 for a non-salaried worker. However, some producers can earn up to €4,000 and more.

In short, the cereal farmer is specialized in the production of wheat, corn, rice, etc. His salary depends on the size of the farm, the type of production, the harvest, and especially the selling price.

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