Top 10 Signs You Have A Great Manager (And You Shouldn’t Leave Your Job)

Finding good managers isn’t easy, but finding great managers who seek to build trust with others, are not afraid to ask for help while providing role models who inspire, motivate and encourage is even harder.

Last year I started blog writing and I’ve realized that it’s an ongoing process of constant learning and writing. Of course, there was a point where I didn’t know how to start or was worried that I was overdoing it. Thankfully, I had a manager who made coming to work a meaningful and productive experience.

The purpose of this blog is to commend my manager for the way he interacts, shows empathy with employees, what he does to empower his team and also to explore his qualities as a manager to pinpoint the skills, behaviors and characteristics expected of great leaders.

#1. My Manager Is An Active Listener

My Manager Is An Active Listener

Many managers often make the mistake of “bragging” too much and stifling workers’ voices.

After several conversations with my manager, I’ve learned the meaning of a good communicator – someone who doesn’t talk much, takes the time to focus on employees and gives them the freedom to speak.

#2. My Manager Is A Great Coach

My Manager Is A Great Coach

It’s clear that many feel that employees should learn everything by themselves. Yet, the secret in excellent management is that a true manager knows when to step in and coach you on how to do certain tasks.

Honestly, I appreciate the clarity I was provided with for my job. Indeed, a worker can only accomplish more if he receives proper instructions, clear deadlines, goals and expectations.

#3. My Manager Knows How To Delegate Tasks And Creates Well-balanced Workloads

My Manager Knows How To Delegate Tasks And Creates Well-balanced Workloads

Upon rising to the dizzy heights of management level, many supervisors increase workers’ share of work.

Delegating tasks is a general job duty for all managers and I’d like to take the time to compliment my manager’s ability to divide work between my colleagues and me evenly and fairly.

It’s also helpful to mention managers’ abilities to assign tasks that can improve workers’ skills.

#5. My Manager Is Flexible

My Manager Is Flexible

Unlike the popular myth, flexible work schedules represent more productivity for workers because they have the freedom to work during their peak performance hours.

Acknowledging the fact that my health matters needed more attention, my manager was more than willing to allow for flexible working arrangements.

When a manager adjusts his plans and allows you to work according to your own schedules, it makes you feel more valued as an employee.

#6. My Manager Is Not Afraid Of Empowerment

My Manager Is Not Afraid Of Empowerment

Want to know how insecure managers are? They always like to stay in control and steer clear of empowerment, fearing competent workers who could climb the hierarchy faster than them.

However, a true manager shows a genuine interest in his workers’ career development, taking the time to discuss with them and helping them understand the need for constant work improvements.

#7. My Manager Is Friendly

My Manager Is Friendly

Once upon a time, it was common for managers to be difficult and bad-tempered, not to mention autocratic sometimes. But, times have changed.

Today, most workers expect their managers to be friendly and approachable so that they can discuss a problem or solve a particular issue (and I feel like I can relate).

#8. My Manager Is Empathetic

My Manager Is Empathetic

When you talk about this essential human quality, it becomes subjective. But, today’s experts emphasize much on the need for managers to understand an employee as an individual.

My manager’s perception of what his workers are going through is paramount to the great team we are today. He is not only a professional playing his role, but also a person using his five senses to understand what is going on with his team members.

#9. My Manager Is Always In A Positive Mood

My Manager Is Always In A Positive Mood

It’s incredible how positivity can greatly complement a work performance. This explains the contribution of a manager’s positive attitude and behavior in creating an enjoyable work environment.

#10. My Manager Is Fair

My Manager Is Fair

Bad managers exist in every organization and you can instantly spot one when the latter is surrounded by an exclusive circle of his favorite persons – gossipers, brown-nosers and the overly ambitious one.

Treating everyone fairly is the hallmark of a genuine manager who recognizes hard workers and rewards them.


On a concluding note, Alan Shearer once said that a manager is like a father figure who’s trying to get the best out of you and honestly, I couldn’t agree more.





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