Is It Possible To Open A Beauty Salon Without A Diploma In France?

Are you passionate about beauty and well-being and want to open your own salon? It is now possible. Opening a beauty salon is a good plan. Have the courage to launch your project but do not forget that every project has risks. It will be necessary for you to go through several stages and to acquire a maximum of know-how to reach your goal. And above all, keep in mind that knowing the path to follow is the secret of a successful trade show. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog.

The choice of the legal status


This is an important step for the creation of your project. Indeed, it is essential to have the right to practice. You have the choice between several legal forms. If you decide alone to elaborate on the project, you can opt for SASU or EURL, which are the most adapted statutes since the manager decides his own remuneration. There are also the EI and EIRL if the beauty salon will be a sole proprietorship. These statutes will protect your personal assets in case of debt.

However, the cost of social charges is calculated on the cost of your profits with the EI status. This means that the cost of social charges can change from one year to the next. If you decide to work from home, it is best to choose the micro-entrepreneur status, which is very simplified in terms of administrative formalities. And finally, if there are several partners, the legal forms adapted are SAS or SARL. Before taking up the challenge, a good market study is required.

Market study before opening a beauty salon


Like any other entrepreneurial activity, you need to do a market study before launching your project: identify your competitors, find the right location, specify your customers, etc. First of all, to differentiate yourself from competitors, you need to know which products or treatments are already used by several other beauty salons. But lower prices are not an advantage if you have to offer the same treatments. You should aim for quality.

It is always better to pay a lot for quality treatment. You must put the odds on your side compared to your competitors. Next, choosing the location of your salon is a crucial step. You won’t get many customers if you are in the wrong location. In fact, choose a visible place to get noticed. You can also put yourself in a place where you are the only one to practice.

But this is a big risk since the place may be hard to reach or not very crowded. Finally, you must carefully consider what your potential clients are looking for. The location of your salon may depend on this step. You must study if a beauty salon would attract the clientele in the neighborhood of the region. You must also determine several criteria such as customer loyalty, treatments offered, and products used.

Creating a beauty salon: with or without a diploma


This is surely the question that torments most people who plan to open a beauty salon. Many people wonder if it is possible to open a beauty salon without a license, certificate, or diploma. You should know that it is possible, but with some conditions of course! If you don’t have a diploma, you must have at least 3 years of experience in the field.

It is then necessary to provide evidence such as pay slips or work contracts during these years. The concept of entrepreneurship can be learned in professional life as well as in the big schools. In any case, if you still want to launch yourself into this project, the necessary diplomas to found a beauty institute are the CAP (Certificate of Professional Aptitude), and the BEP (Brevet d’Études Professionnels) in the field of aesthetics.

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