Emergency Doctor Job Description

The job of an emergency physician is not very different from other medical jobs. Indeed, in this profession, you will always be required to heal patients and save lives. But, despite this similarity, the job of an emergency physician has a few specificities that are intrinsic to it. So, if you are considering a career in this field, this article presents you with some crucial information to know before you enter this sector.

Emergency Doctor Job: What Are the Training Courses To Follow?

As in the case of other professions, you will necessarily have to follow specific training courses to become an emergency doctor. So, to practice such a profession, you will have to do several years of studies to complete the whole curriculum. First, you must follow a course of study as a general practitioner. This stage lasts 7 or 9 years and is the base that allows you to have the preliminaries of medicine.

Following this process, you will have to complete a DESC (DES Complémentaire) which is nothing more than specialization training (2 years). Here, you can choose for example, to do complementary training as a specialist in anesthesia and intensive care. Thus, the whole process takes 9 or 11 years before you can practice as an emergency doctor.

What Are the Responsibilities of an Emergency Physician?

Once you are an emergency physician, you should know that certain missions are assigned to you. In fact, when we talk about an emergency doctor, we refer to people whose function is to make rapid diagnoses and deal with extreme emergencies. However, the different tasks of the emergency doctor are not limited to the previous realities. In addition, the doctor must also deal with the reception of patients and their care.

Apart from that, he is also responsible for examining the patient to establish his diagnosis. Following this, he/she can also refer the patient to the appropriate department depending on the pathology found. Also, according to his skills, the emergency doctor is called upon to restore or stabilize patients’ vital functions in critical cases.

Emergency Doctor Job: What Are the Required Qualities?

Although you are qualified and competent to become an emergency doctor, verifying if you have the required qualities to work in this field is essential. Indeed, apart from your intellectual knowledge, there are specific qualities that are intrinsic to emergency physicians. First of all, you must be reactive. Responsiveness is essential because it allows you to make quick decisions in extreme cases. With good reactivity, it will be easier for you to do your job.

Moreover, as an emergency doctor, you must have a perfect sense of relationship. This quality allows you, for example, to calm the patient so that he/she does not become alarmed. This way, you can do your job better. Apart from these elements, it is necessary to add that the emergency doctor must have passion for his work. Without it, he will never be able to fulfill his duties properly.

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How Much Can You Earn as an Emergency Doctor?

The profession of an emergency doctor is a job that has a good reputation. With their contribution to the health field, the regulations grant an excellent remuneration for this job. Thus, once you practice as an emergency doctor, you should receive at least 2600€ gross/month. However, this salary is only for beginners in the field. In reality, with more experience, you can earn more.

For example, with a few more trainings to strengthen your skills, you can go from 2600€ gross to 3000€ gross per month. Similarly, depending on your experience and expertise in the field, your compensation can approach a limit of 11.000€ gross per month. Obviously, with such a job, you will be able to make ends meet.

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