Internet Jobs From a Business Point of View

The world of technology has not stopped evolving. Many web professions related to social networks and the Internet have been born. Internet has imposed its law in daily life, whether economic, commercial, or social.

The Web Marketer

The web marketer is one of the many professions of the Internet. As its name indicates, this job combines the fields of web and marketing. His primary role is to encourage and increase the number of visitors to a website related to sales activities.

Its missions

His actions are mainly oriented on:

The implementation of a strategic technique;
The optimization of the visibility by a system of traffic of the site of the customer by the realization of a good referencing and the control of the behaviors of the Internet users;
The improvement of the performance of the website at the commercial level;
The coordination of the different aspects of the website (quality, partnership, audience, the quantity of visitors, communication mode…);
The promotion of the website.

The Hotliner

The hotliner acts on a telephone platform to provide technical support and advice to customers. He works closely with computer engineers.

His missions
They are essentially focused on :

Answering customers’ questions about a product, a service or a contract subscribed;
Installing and updating computer products and software;
Diagnosis and resolution of the various breakdowns and other difficulties encountered by guiding the user;
The permanent monitoring of the technology.

The Netsurfer

Also known as “websurfer”, “cyberdocumentalist” or “editor”, he is in charge of finding new sites that visitors do not know exist. His field of action lies on the “World Wide Web or www”.

Of course, he works through the database of an access provider or a given search engine.

Its missions
They involve :

The identification of unknown sites;
Classifying them according to the nature of the site;
Detecting possible technical problems related to the sites. However, it is the computer specialists who will solve them.

The traffic manager

The traffic manager is a web marketing specialist.

His missions
His missions are to :

Create advertising campaigns on the clients’ sites using numerous tools such as banners, skyscrapers, pop-ups, expanding banners, etc.
Monitor, the progression of visitor, flows on the given site.

The media planner

This is a person who is passionate about the web world.

His missions
His role is :

To plan and manage the advertising campaigns in the different types of media (press, newspaper, display, telecommunication) and on the Internet.
To analyze the impact in terms of quality and quantity of the campaigns issued.

The web analytic consultant

His role is to observe and analyze the website’s statistical data and optimize its traffic.

The consultants in referencing
The referencing is distinguished in two categories of which :

The natural referencing

paid search engine optimization
They are also called “SEO consultant”. Their function is to guarantee good results for the client’s website.

They provide SEO audit expertise to give the site maximum visibility on the various Internet and social networks. To this end, they apply a well-defined strategy to make a web platform appear at the top of the list of search engine pages.

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The e-mailing manager

E-mailing is a marketing concept to promote a given company to make it known. It consists of sending the maximum number of e-mails to a vast number of people to build their loyalty.

The roles of the e-mailing manager are, therefore, to realize the content of the e-mail according to the customer’s expectations, set up a campaign strategy via e-mail, and evaluate the quality of the databases.

The e-CRM (Electronic Consumer Relationship) project manager
His mission is to build customer loyalty by studying their expectations. In simple terms, he is responsible for relationship marketing.

The affiliation manager

He manages the entire creation and follow-up of the partnership between the merchant site and the website linked to the company. His main role is to define the strategic marketing means to establish an effective affiliate program.

He works closely with the web developer, the web designer, and the marketing manager.

Telecoms salesperson

The telecom salesperson’s function is to manage the follow-up of the customer’s files by concretizing a given contract.

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