What Are The Jobs In Aesthetics And Beauty?

Today, the beauty and aesthetics sector is in full growth. Thus, the majority of people attach great importance to their appearance. With the advent of this sector, one manages to frequent the beauty salon to fill his bathroom with cosmetic products. It is a sector that opens up large opportunities in both the industry and the service sector. What are the professions in the aesthetics and beauty sector?

The hairdresser


Hairdressing establishments are also specialized in body care. The professional in this field assumes a heavy responsibility while associating hair techniques and ease of contact without forgetting the sense of aesthetics. He is endowed with qualities allowing him to give service to the customers in an adequate way in order to make them loyal. He welcomes these customers with a smile.

He exercises various techniques to satisfy the customer, in particular the cut, but can also work on the color, the dyeing, the sweeping, and the wicks. In addition to these qualities, it should be noted that the hairdresser must be curious in order to follow the new trends to offer at all times the care of fashion to the customers. Besides, he must have manual skills and a relational and commercial capacity without ignoring good physical and nervous resistance.

The tattooist


It is a professional of the aesthetics and the beauty whose work consists in the realization of the drawings or descriptions of the body or certain parts of the body. This professional, to perfect his work uses needles and ink. He must satisfy the customers with his professional talents while adapting to their requests.

He is thus supposed to know the approach of the future tattooed person and make sure that the customer in front of him knows that the tattoo is indelible, although there are nowadays methods of tattoo removal. It should be noted that the tattooist is part of the professionals who need strict respect for the rules of hygiene and sterilization. Indeed, the non-respect of these standards exposes the customers to contamination. He is called to make use of different needles for each person.

The make-up artist


The make-up artist is a professional capable of carrying out a varied range of missions, from beauty treatments to the creation of looks and characters. He or she has proven skills in the context of a show, a shooting, or a photoshoot. He or she is a technician who stimulates all the states of mind of the human being with his or her talents and magnificent works. He or she is also an artist who can convey his or her sensibility through advanced performances.

Performing in artistic fields such as shooting, fashion shows, and shows, the make-up artist is able to give life to imaginary characters for the cinema, the theater, or the live show. This creator, endowed with curiosity and excellent motivation, transforms the actors according to the indications of the director.

The barber


The barber is a professional hairdresser, such as the facial hairdresser. He or she is a specialist in shaving, trimming, and maintaining beards. He also does beard shaping in order to provide rejuvenating treatments by using cosmetic products.

This professional uses tools such as a razor, trimmer, clippers, scissors, combs, and many other necessities. He is able to provide clients with a variety of services, including waxing, extensions, coloring, and even beard and mustache brushing. He must be curious and follow the evolution of the techniques to be aware of the new trends and the more and more advanced treatments.

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