A Sharp Rise in Transportation and Warehousing Business Startups Between January and April 2021

The entrepreneurial world has been experiencing a significant rise for several decades. The majority has realized that it is one of the most promising sectors in the world. As a result, several activities have been created to meet specific needs. Nevertheless, in the period covering January to April of 2021, one sector has attracted the attention of many people. It is the transport and storage sector. Indeed, this is an area that has risen dramatically against all odds. What is the real story here?

The Increase in Business Creation in the Field of Transportation and Warehousing: The Main Points to Remember

Several data have been circulating regarding the progress of business creation. Insee issued a press release stating that business start-ups rose by no less than 3.8% during January. The creation of microenterprises has increased by 5.1%. In February, the National Institute of Statistics showed that microenterprise creation increased by 65.4 percent. Although these figures are pretty impressive, it is worth noting that the increase in the transport sector is particularly noteworthy.

As stated above, the entrepreneurial world has recently experienced an unprecedented boom. Businesses have sprung up all over the place, but one sector has caught everyone’s attention. It is the transportation and warehousing sector. No doubt propelled by the Covid-19 crisis, it is worth noting that this sector has nevertheless experienced an impressive 13.5% increase. According to reports from the National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies (INSEE), it must be admitted that this field is booming. According to their release, this increase reflects the growth of home delivery services since the Covid health crisis.

The Reasons for Such an Increase in Business Creation

It is difficult to understand this increase, especially when it is taken into account that the world has been going through a difficult period due to the health crisis. Nevertheless, this is undoubtedly one of the primary reasons for this increase. Indeed, although the health crisis has caused a lot of damage, it must be admitted that it is the basis of this spectacular increase. As stated above, the increase reflects the growth of companies offering home delivery services. Given that the crisis has created an unprecedented lockdown, there was an urgent need to rely on this type of service to preserve the country’s economy. This is why the transport and warehousing sector has experienced a meteoric rise. This increase in creation is born of a desire to maintain the free movement of goods and other goods for the preservation of the financial balance of the country.

In addition, apart from this aspect, it should be noted that the field of transport and storage is a very promising sector. Indeed, many people have realized the many advantages that this field of activity offers especially during the period of containment. This is undoubtedly one of the reasons why such an increase has been noticed. The entrepreneurs have therefore bet on this sector in order to be profitable and prosperous.

Moreover, it should be noted that this is a relatively easy field to access. This certainly explains the enthusiasm of entrepreneurs for this sector of activity.

In the end, several reasons can explain the substantial increase in business start-ups observed in the transportation and warehousing sector. It is a very promising sector that certainly has not finished growing.

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