The Seven Companies Qualified for the “Great Exhibition of Made in France”

Among the new exhibition events, it should be noted that the Great Exhibition is generating real excitement. Initiated a short time ago, it should be notified that this is an event with the aim of giving another image of France. During this exhibition, some selected regional companies are called to show that they manufacture extraordinary things. It is thus to honor the French geniuses that the great exhibition of made in France was born. This year, what are the exceptional companies that will be called to show their creations?

The Sougland Foundries

The Sougland foundries represent a beautiful project that will be honored during the great exhibition of Made in France. It is a structure that dates back to the year 1543. In 1990, this company was awarded for having designed the enameling machine. For decades, Sougland foundries have been manufacturing unique and technical pieces for the industry. Whether you are a simple customer or a professional, this company is the best place to design quality pieces for you. You can find a wide variety of alloys and molds that are used to make the most beautiful parts you can find.

Art Book and Print Workshop

Among the companies that will be honored during this Great Exhibition, it should be noted that this workshop occupies a place of choice. Indeed, it is a structure with all the necessary skills for intaglio printing and the entire spectrum of the typographic chain. It specializes in engravings and offers its support to anyone wishing to set up a publishing project. This association will therefore be honored during the great exhibition to show you the books of creations, prints, and original luxury products that it holds.

The National Manufacture of the Tapestry of Beauvais – The National Furniture
This manufacturer has several contemporary artists who propose to you the confections of quite sumptuous tapestries to decorate the residences, but especially the palaces of the Republic. It is a structure qualified for the great exhibition because of the creations of exceptions that it proposes. Indeed, it is specialized in the confection of tapestries.

The clouterie rivierre

It is an old factory founded by Théodore Rivierre. Initially, he used a new method of manufacturing seeds for the activities of shoemaking and tapestry based on metal threads. Production has been diversified, and the company now manufactures nails that are used all over the world. It has an exceptional know-how, which undoubtedly earned it this qualification for the great exhibition.

EDF – Gravelines Nuclear Power Plant

This structure is without a doubt the surprise of the great exhibition. Everyone will have the opportunity to dive into the world of electrical energy production. The company offers exceptional industrial installations. You will be able to observe the machines used for electricity production and thus better understand the functioning of this profession.

The Confectionery Afchain – The Stupidities of Cambrai

Some of the many companies that applied to be part of the exhibition probably stood out. Among them, it should be noted that the confectionery afchain occupies a place of choice. The latter offers its customers sweets, but not just any sweets. They are sweets with an exceptional taste whose manufacturing secret has never been revealed.

La Confiserie du Pré Catelan

This structure is specialized in the manufacture of nougat. It is an opportunity for the company to be known on the whole French territory during this extensive exhibition. It is the occasion to discover the universe of the nougats and their mode of manufacture.

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