Everything You Need To Know About Carpentry

Heat loss is a common problem caused by poor insulation in your home. You are wondering how to avoid this? The answer is simple, make the right choice of materials to strengthen the insulation and ensure comfort and durability in your home. Thus, discover in this article the joineries adapted to your house.

What is carpentry?


We can say that carpentry is the art of working with wood to build buildings, furniture, windows, and many other objects. The works related to carpentry are various:

1. Rough carpentry

This is work that does not require careful finishing because it will then be covered by walls. Building carpentry is the most common type of rough carpentry, and it usually only involves roofing and framing work.

2. Finishing carpentry

It concerns the carpentry work visible once the building is finished (installation of windows and doors, flooring, etc.). It requires a fairly high level of detail.

3. Formwork carpentry

This is the assembly and disassembly of the formwork necessary for the pouring of concrete. It holds the concrete in place until it hardens.

4. Cabinet making


This involves the manufacture of furniture, the construction of desks, cabinets, etc.

5. Naval carpentry

This work concerns the various techniques of construction, repair, and maintenance of ships.

Why does carpentry work?

Carpentry is an essential and indispensable element of a house. They participate in the improvement of its thermal performance and airtightness. They limit energy loss and ensure good thermal and sound insulation of the different rooms. In addition, the joinery of the house provides the security of the dwelling because they limit the risks of burglary.

The exterior joinery


It concerns all the joinery installed outside the house, including windows, doors, shutters, and blinds. It ensures the sound and heat insulation of the house and the safety of the inhabitants. Exterior fittings such as gates, garage doors, and fences are also part of this exterior joinery.

The interior joinery

This category includes all the joinery installed inside the house (interior doors, stairs, worktops, floor coverings,…). It can also concern the manufacture and installation of various furniture in the house, such as closets, dressing rooms, libraries, etc…

What are the different types of carpentry?

There are different types of carpentry, namely:

Traditional carpentry


Traditional carpentry concerns all work done on the basic material that is wood. It is undeniable that wood is a very good thermal and acoustic insulator. As it is a noble material par excellence, it offers a certain charm with the achievements that it makes possible. The wood joinery can last several decades, provided that it is regularly maintained with the application of varnish.

The aluminum joinery

Aluminum joinery has the advantage of being aesthetic and easy to maintain. It offers acoustic insulation equivalent to that of wood and resists easily to strong weather conditions. It should also be noted that it does not rust and has a lifespan of about ten years.

PVC carpentry

PVC joinery is the most accessible in terms of cost, as it is the least expensive on the market. It also offers good performance in thermal and sound insulation. PVC joinery is very resistant and has a lifespan that varies from 30 to 40 years.

Mixed woodwork


Whether a mixture of wood and aluminum or aluminum and PVC, this joinery benefits from the performance of both materials. Thus, you will kill two birds with one stone.

Carpenter is one of the oldest jobs in the book and is still an available job that we should teach the future generation. You can’t hire just any carpenter; you need to find one with the right qualifications and experience to give you the results you are looking for.

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