COVID-19: Improving Your Business’ Hiring Process With Background Checks

While we are all adjusting to our “new normal”, it is clear that the world of work will change significantly from now on because of the covid-19 pandemic. Teleworking is becoming increasingly popular, social inequalities are growing, the workforce is shrinking, and security is more important than ever. We need to tailor our recruitment methods to meet these new challenges and take advantage of these new opportunities more than ever. 96% of employers already carry out background checks but may not be using them to their full potential to improve recruitment outcomes. Here are some great ways background checks can help you in your recruitment, both now and in the future:



Inclusion and diversity are a priority for many business leaders, but unconscious bias in the recruitment process can exclude candidates from underrepresented groups. Using the right background check provider can ensure a fairer and more consistent selection process that reduces prejudice and the risk of discrimination due to inequality. Here are some ways in which choosing a background check provider with enhanced decision-making capabilities can be helpful:

  • Individual Assessments: The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission guidance recommends an individual assessment when a background check provides evidence of criminal activity. Using a provider that allows candidates to explain the circumstances of their offense facilitates and documents an individualized evaluation. Adding this process to your process helps give individuals with criminal records a fair shot at employment.
  • Automated Assessment: Your recruitment criteria can be applied to all candidates to determine which candidates qualify and need further review. Computerized assessments can prevent human bias in the recruitment process and reduce the risk of discrimination claims.
  • Filter Records: Filter records based on your background check policy to only see relevant documents and make decisions based on them. Customized filtering of records is important to create a more consistent selection process and reduce unconscious bias in recruitment decisions.



What is Continuous Background Screening? Definition and Key Considerations  for Deployment | HR Technologist

The pandemic has affected individual companies in different ways. Some are working with smaller workforces, others are increasing, and some are working with both. Whatever the obstacles ahead, background checks can help you improve the quality of your workforce using the resources at your disposal. For example, a comprehensive background check provider can offer employment screening and occupational reference check services to help you avoid these important processes. That can help to verify candidate qualifications and assessments properly. A good provider will also automate tasks and integrate them with other systems to save you time. For example, your application system can initiate Brevard’s background checks and filter the results based on regulatory requirements and your background check policy. These features reduce the time it takes to screen applicants without compromising the quality of the recruitment process.



Protect your employees, customers, and business with criminal background checks, routine checks, drug testing, and driver’s license checks. Robberies and violent crime are rising in major cities across the country, underscoring the importance of background checks for HR leaders in the hiring process. Background checks can alert employers to a person’s past behavior that could cause future safety problems for customers, employees, and others. This is especially true if you’re recruiting staff who come into contact with vulnerable groups or go into clients’ homes. Failure to identify such behavior can lead to allegations of negligent employment, damage to reputation, or even criminal activity in the workplace.



The business world is rapidly changing, and we need to adapt our processes to prepare for the future. So, make sure you acquire the most out of your background checks. They’re more important than ever in creating a high-quality workforce. Brevard Background Check makes it easy to improve the status of your future hires through background checks. In fact, customers give Brevard Background Check high marks for its ease of use, time savings, breadth of features, and more.



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